Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pug Meetup at the Dog Park!
Sunday there was a pug meetup at my dog park.

I started out the pug meetup day by begging my Mommy to let me stay home in bed. Usually she can't say no to this face. Who could blame her? But for some reason she took me to the dog park anyway. By the way- Daddy is immune to my big puppy dog eyes.

I skipped the pug part and went straight for the lake where the big dogs play. I found a nice lookout where I could watch them all chase their balls and I could search out the weak ones, it must be amazing to watch the pug's natural predator instinct kick in.

I see a stray ball! Best of all, it was lost by a sissy Rottweiler. [Parents' note: the idiot is scared of Yorkies but will seriously go after Rotties. It does make us nervous.]

These big dogs beat me to it...

But I let them know they had competition.

Without giving away all my secrets, I can tell you that my basic strategy is to wait near the shore until a big dog with a ball passes close by. The big dog usually drops the ball as soon as he gets on land - and there's my chance! I learned this strategy watching a show about Nile Crocodiles on Animal Planet (TM) while my parents were at the dog park without me [Parents' Note: We're pretty sure that Winston believes we go to the dog park without him everytime we leave the house to go to work].

See, he left the ball right there for my taking! You may notice the other pug in this picture, also going for the ball that the big dog just dropped. Perhaps she also watches Animal Planet (TM).

After I have had enough of swimming, I am more willing to play with other pugs and dogs.

Here I spot a worthy opponent...

And pounce!

The best part about the dog park on a warm day is the nice cold kitchen floor that I can lay down on when I get home.

Are you happy now Mommy? [Parent's Note: Yes.]

Ahhh, comfortable bed. Finally! Goodnight loyal reader.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


amazing said...

ur pupy is cute!! :)

pugfreak said...

You are such a character Winston!

LMizzle said...

Awww, so great. I love a pug in the water!

Oscar said...

You would rather lay in bed than go to the dog park? You MUST be CRAZY! There is definitely something wrong with you.

Panda's mom said...

Awww Winston, it looks like you are sucking your thumb in the last picture.

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Well, well, well you are really a party pooch! It surely looks like a fun meet-up! Hugs!