Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Food and Sleep: My Favorite things
I think I am like most pugs in that I love to eat and I love taking between 15- 22 naps a day. This post is a pretty good summary of my standard day.

First, I always try to talk my parents into getting Chinese takeout. This is me dropping a subtle hint by bringing them the menu. The best thing about Chinese takeout is that Daddy "accidentally" drops about five pounds of his fried rice on the ground. This makes Mommy mad but creates a veritable feast for a certain pug.

Sometimes negotiations are necessary. This is me trying to "negotiate" some ice cream away from Daddy. The trademark is covered up to prevent trademark infringement claims from being levelled against my poor parents.

This is a close up meant to show my concentration on the ice-cream. Laughter is normally the first sign that Daddy is about to break and share some food with me. [Parents' note: we do not share ice cream with Winston. God knows he does not need ANY sugar.]

This is me taking one of my naps. I love the spots on top of the couch.

I am famous for falling asleep in almost any position. Here is one of my recent strange positions. In case you're wondering, I am exhausted due to a day at the doggy daycare.

This is also the result of Doggy Daycare.

My parents think it is adorable the way my lip was flopping around here, I think it looks gross.

Finally, this is me exhausted but still trying to get goodies that my parents drop while cooking. This is pretty much what I do everyday.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Christine said...

Winston, you are ADORABLE!

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Adorable! Winston you are the only pug... what I'm saying... the only dog I ever seen falling asleep in the most weird positions. I think you were a contortionist or something like that in one of your past lives. Kisses!

Suki said...

Looks a lot like one of my days. In fact, I think I'm about due for a nap right now.

Puggy kisses

Page said...

Winston, my Winnie (as he is affectionatly called) LOVES to sleep at the top of the couch as well! So much, in fact, that we have to rotate the pillows around to keep them from getting to squished down. He wishes you peaceful dreams!

Lynn said...

"The trademark is covered up to prevent trademark infringement claims from being levelled against my poor parents."

Only a patent attorney would worry about product placement.

Winston sure has this system figured out. Next thing you know, he'll be blowing snot in your face.

Anonymous said...

Hey winston
was your friend suki on the show addorable puppies or some show like that

Pug Mommy said...

Winston I love the one with you actually standing on your Daddy's shoulder. No wonder he can't say no to you!

LMizzle said...

HAHAHA! I love that Chinese takeout menu!!!

Great to be home said...

My pug puppy Lucy loves to sleep up on the back of the couch too. It's funny to see the other pugs doing the same thing!