Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Weekend- The Furminator Sucks and Other Observations
[Parents' note: The Furminator Totally Rocks!!!]

This is my parents abusing me with this weird brush. When they were done I did not feel nearly like the man I was before. So Sad =( [Parents' note: the little jerk kept moving or else we could have gotten three times more hair off, but look at how much we got off. There WILL be a next time, oh yes little pug, we will be back (maniacal laugh)].

[Parents' note: here he is still mad for the brushing and wondering why we aren't letting him go inside.]

This is me being forced to pose in the sunlight, I don't like this picture but my parents think I look cute.

This is Bailey, a nine-week old chocolate lab that lives in the next building over from my parents. Guess who is holding the little the suspense killing you? It's my Daddy. I'm starting to get sick of him talking about how cute all these random puppies are while ignoring me.

There is nothing even remotely cute about that face! It looks like a sea-lion for crying out loud. I wish I was in the area of Canada where they allow you to club baby sea lions. [Parents' note: We're sorry, Winston is not attractive when he is insanely jealous. Too bad it is so funny or else we might stop making him jealous. Plus, we think it's baby seals that get clubbed, not sea lions. Pugs are so stupid].

This is me, Brautwurst the weinerdog, and Bailey playing in the grass. I showed them what was up.

This is me stealing my Daddy's sandals while simultaneously playing with one of my 74 tennis balls (the other 73 have already been pushed under the couch where I whine incessently for my parents to help me get one out and then immediately push it right back under...such is the life of a pug).
Yummy, inedible objects.

This is a standard evaluation sent out by Doggy daycare. Among the questions on it are what I like, dislike, and what situations make me incorrigible (and how to avoid them). My parents call this irony.

Making humans miserable is a full time profession. Hope all other doggies had a good weekend.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Suki said...

Yes, it is a full-time prfession, and a thankless one, at that!

I think that lab was cute, but not nearly as cute as you, Winston. And just so your parents know, we pugs may appear stupid, but it's just an act to get whatever we want! But I'm sure they already know that :)

Puggy kisses

Pug Mommy said...

What exactly is the Furminator? It looks like it works great.

The picture of Winston in the sun IS super cute. Maggie says it is making her randy....

Page said...

Winston, what is the furminator? I see the amount of hair it collected and became immediately enticed...but I don't see exactly what it is or how it works.

Winston said...

Hey guys,
The furminator is a special dog brush that gets out loads of hair. I'll have my parents post a picture of it on my next post. You can also probably find a website for it on the internet (code word: Furminator).

The Grand Duke

LMizzle said...

Isn't it crazy how much hair it takes off?! I think I brushed a whole new dog off of Winston!

Buddha said...

Winston is a menace!

Aunt Roni said...

Hi Winston! Nice hair cut... Tell your male owner to buy a new sweat shirt...

Ronin_The_Pug said...

What is a Fuminator? My humans surely need one of those... My hair is everywhere! You are always cute, Winston... hairy or not!