Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mommy's on vacation!
So she has had all day to play with me all of this least that's what she was supposed to be doing. Note: I am so proud!! I finally met my self imposed goal of three posts in one week!

Okay Mommy, let's play fetch!

Fine, I will play with my Chuck It on my own.

And I will play with my ball on my own.

I have a strategy that usually works. First, I look at the ball...

...then I look at Mommy. Then I repeat those steps until Mommy throws the ball for me.

Okay, it wasn't working with Mommy, so I gave Daddy my saddest sad face so that he would play ball with me.

That didn't work either so all I could do was lay by Mommy's feet until she decided to start paying attention to me.

Here I am tenderizing my Snuggle Nest for a nice nap.

And here I am sleeping on the couch while Mommy watches "All My Children". I don't get it... this show is so predictable. Whoever was most recently killed was murdered by the crazy lost father of a character who recently appeared on the show and happens to be the half brother of the victim and the step son and nephew of one, or both, of the victims parents.

A closeup of a lonely, abused pug.
[Mommy's Note: Mommy not only played with Winston pretty much all day, but also took him to the dog park for almost 2 hours. He rewarded her by refusing to play at the dogpark and making her miserable once they got home. Mommy is looking forward to going back to work next week to get a vacation from Winston!]
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Pug Mommy said...

Ah Winston, you are so lucky to have your mommy home all week! Maybe you should try and have cuddle time with Mommy while watching All My Children so you both can enjoy it?

PS. You need to stop being so hard on Mommy and give her some credit, she did take you to the dog park and you didn't even mention it!

Suki said...

2 hours at the bark park? That's like....a month in dog time or something! Awesome!

I noticed how no one was playing with you - what a bunch of meanies! If I were there, I would play with you. Actually, I would probably annoy you, Winston. I get all up in other doggy's faces and won't leave them alone...even when they try to bite me.

Puggy kisses

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hey Winston! Isn't it cool to stay home with your human... to make "it" do everything you want?

Alicia said...

Yay for pictures of my pugs! The Scarecrow and Tin Man are mine, Dorothy is Peter's (Tin Man) sister Holly, and Louie, the Lion, is an adorable little black rescue pug. The dogs loved being celebrities for the day and as always, Piper (Scarecrow) was posing for pictures as usual! If you have any more pictures of the quad, please let me know!

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