Sunday, September 23, 2007

New Recruits
I am proud to announce that the first recruits to the PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ Secret Police have been accepted. Other Pugs may still apply by sending pictures of your bonafides to me at:

This is Oscar, he will head the Uniform Division of the Secret Police. It will be his duty to warn lazy bloggers that they are in danger of being subjected to enforcement action by PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ.

This is Napoleon, code name: the Stay Puff Marshmallow Pug. He is an expert in reconnaissance and covert operations. He was previously a shake-down artist in South Philly, so he can get rough when necessary.

This is Maggie, code name: the Seductress. She gathers information by batting her eyes and curling her tail. I must confess that I had a thing with her some time ago, but her skills are beyond reproach.

Now, I couldn't have a post without some pictures of me, and I also was tagged a long time ago, so here is my tag about my middle name. My middle name, as far as I can tell, is No. My Parents are always calling me "Winston No!". This picture represents Not cute.

Nice. I am nice to my Mommy because I always help her do the dishes.

Noisy. Here is my pug roar.

Outgoing. This is me (on the right) making friends at a pug meetup.

Obnoxious (Daddy suggested this one).

Only One good eye. This is a good picture of my good eye, on the right (my left eye), which still reflects light, and my bad eye, which does not reflect light because the retina is detached. You can actually see inside my bad eye, to the back of the eye, which is white, but there is also still some blood in there, so it looks like the top half is white and the bottom half is red. Kinda creepy. But unique.

/s/ Winston No Pugsworth, Grand Duke of Pugsworth, Director of PIA Recruiting, and Political Commissar to PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ.


Clover said...

Hey Winston,
I like the words you picked out to go with your middle name "No." And thanks for introducing to some members of the PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ Secret Police.
Love Clover xo

Suki Sumo said...

Not cute? You? You're always cute. It's a little bit annoying actually. My mom is always making "ooh, ah, HA-HA-HA" noises because of your cuteness.

I'm gonna set up a photo shoot soon. I'm fixin' to apply for the PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ Secret Police Squadron.

Oscar said...

Hey, I think we have the same middle name sometimes. I think I have two! Anyway, I accept my position as heading up the Uniform Division of the Secret Police. Although, do you think it is much of a secret when know everyone knows about it?

Anyway, I am here to report to duty. What shall I do first!?

Pug Mommy said...

Napoleon and Maggie graciously accept thier positions in the PALBWAATHRODCBWDTPTHHWPQ Secret Police and are anxiously awaiting upcoming missions.

Also, amazingly enough, Maggie probably thinks her middle name is also no, since she keeps destroying carpet, books and pillows.

LMizzle said...

Oh man, Winston and Zelda need in on this! I must find good photos!