Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Quadrillion Apologies
I am very sorry, and a quadrillion is more than just a number that will be associated with the national debt once the Bushes are done, it is my very sincere way to say that I will try to be a better blogger from now on. On top of preparing for the GEORGETOWN game, GO HOYAS, I have been having to go to the dog park lots because of daylight savings time and things. Also, both me and Daddy have been very lazy (Mommy still puts us to shame). Also, I was going to post a few videos, but YouTube (TM) sucks.

This is me, there was a light drizzle but my parents took me to the dog park anyways. Something about me making them more miserable than normal if I do not run out my energy.

I hate playing dress up and I stick my tongue out at my mommy to let her know it!!

This was my buddy Amos. We had a good time facing each other down repeatidly and running around like veritable maniacs constantly. This made my parents very happy.

This is one of the face-offs. I was having so much fun that I even was happy being the chaser, not just the chasee. Sorry this post is so short, but it is bedtime.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
PS- this post is dedicated to Mi Amor Suki


Aunt Roni said...

Hey Winston! How's it going? I just wanted to say Hi and good luck to the Hoyas this weekend. Make sure they don't screw up my bracket!

Aunt Roni

LMizzle said...

Can I just tell you how in love with that pug magnet I am???

I've attempted to find one in Canada, but it's a no go!

Suki said...

A post dedicated to ME? Thanks, Winston, that's so sweet!

You look very handsome in your raincoat, by the way, it's not at all ridiculous. Mom says I will need one after we move to Oregon. Maybe we could match!

Puggy kisses

Suki said...

I think you'll like Natural Balance. It's yummy.

I eat the NB Ultra Premium kibble, but I get a little of the canned food mixed in as well. As far as canned flavors go, the beef, chicken and lamb are awesome. I'm not a huge fan of the venison duck and potato, though.

Check out their website: to see all the kibble flavors. Winston and Zelda eat the Potato & Duck, I think, and really like it. Hope that helps! I think you'll like it!

Puggy kisses