Thursday, March 08, 2007

In case anyone would like an update, here are four:

(1) I am 8 months old today!!

(2) I hate my brother. It's not like I want him dead or anything, I just want him nowhere near my house, room, toys, food, furniture, or humans. Other than that, he can do anything he wants. My parents kinda expected that I may not take to him so there are contingency plans.

(3) My hero Duke has accused me of starting rumors. This is a lie because everything I say is true. If you believe Duke's lame "I was drinking Gidget's pee to test her PH level" excuse, then I've some conclusive proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction I'd like to sell you. (Bought direct from Scooter Libby who vouched under oath for its authenticity.)

(4) My hero Duke needs to back off my little Suki. I have eyes for only her, Panda, and Maggie; but Duke is a player.

Now here are some pug meetup pictures.

This is me and a fat puggy. I'm the cute one on the left, the fat puggy is the fat puggy on the right.


Pugs being pugs.

Pugs Galore!!!

This is me sneaking up on a treat that some silly human left on a chair, unguarded...

Turns out my friend Oliver does not know how to jump up on chairs yet, so his humans were trying to lure him up there with a treat. His strategy was to stretch and reach, rather than jump.

He may have been distracted by my strategy of jump and sneak up on the treat. Or maybe he was distracted by Gorby sniffing his booty.

Oliver sure is cute, but he never did jump for the treat. Don't worry though, his humans gave in and gave him the treat on the ground.
snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Pug Mommy said...

Hi Winston! Maggie says to wish you happy 8mo birthday! Maggie's 7mo birthday is on Tuesday.

So how is it really going with Gorby? Are you guys not getting along or is just an adjustment to learning how to share?

Winston said...

Things are not going that good. We were playing right when Gorber came home and Gorby bit me a little too hard (because I did not know to yelp and he would stop) and I had to go vet. Since then I have sought to torment him at every opportunity (my parents are calling it overcompensation). However, we do have moments of happiness together, but I think I want to be an only pug again.

The Grand Duke

Duke & Gidget said...

Hey Winston, happy birthday! Duke isn't talking to you right now, but if he was, I'm sure he would wish you a happy birthday too. Sorry to hear things didn't work out with you and Gorby. We sure hope you guys can find him a good home. I've been trying to talk Mommy & Daddy into taking him, but they say two Pugs is enough. And don't worry too much about Duke, I'm sure he'll get over it eventually.

Pug hugs ~ Gidget

Aunt Roni said...

Happy Birthday Winston!!! Give poor Gorby a chance...brothers are'll see!! Also, sharing can be very don't want to be one of THOSE pugs. Have a good weekend.

Oscar said...

So is Gorby staying? Happy 8 months!

Suki said...

OK Winston, I have decided to forgive you. I don't know why, I guess cuz I don't like to be mad at anydog.

I'm sorry it's getting a little tough with you and Gorby, but it was hard for me with Twix at first, too! He bit me once, inbetween the eyes, and made me bleed. He would growl, snap and bark all the time. Now we're best buds! It just takes time, but I understand if you have to find a home for him. It can be stressful for your mommy and daddy.
Good luck!
Puggy kisses for you and Gorby xoxo

Suki said...

Oh, and I forgot to say that if you do find a home for him, tell your mommy and daddy not to be discouraged; you may get along better with a younger female pug. That way you can feel dominant and teach her early on you're in charge, ya know? :)

Winston said...

Hey Suki,
I'm relieved that you have finally forgiven me. Also, My parents agree with you and think that a female pug puppy is the way to go since I will not feel threatened by her and may be more accepting. As for Gorby, My parents screened numerous people and found a nice couple with a house and a yard, as well as a year old Boston Terrier who is not shy at all. Gorby did not get to meet the Boston Terrier because he is currently on vacation. Yes, you heard right, the Boston is on vacation with his grandma. Luckily, the new people live close by and play at the dog park so that my daddy can still see Gorby. We'll let you know how it goes.

The Grand Duke

Trang said...

Happy belated 8 month birthday Winston!!! Jade and you are going to have to go on a date sometime! c

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hi Winston!!! Happy Birthday!!!