Thursday, March 22, 2007

My Profuse Apologies!!!
I am very sorry everydog, and people, for not posting. This has been my Daddy's spring break and he has been lazy or occupied building a zoo (on the computer); and, ever since my hero Duke discovered naked Boston Terriers online, Mommy has made two rules: 1) I may not post without adult supervision and 2) That adult will not be Mommy. I finally got Daddy to supervise this goes. FYI- This Post is a compilation of new and old pictures.

This is me staring down at one of my parents from on top of the couch as they dig under the couch for the ball that I just placed there (out of my paw reach), and have since been endlessly whining for assistance to recover.

This is one of my naps. See how I am camoflaged into my natural, and soft, pug environment? The camoflage of tigers is nothing compared to camoflage of pugs.

Me and one of my BFFs snuggling.

Daddy isn't good about putting his clothes away (Mommy mentions this to him a lot) and I take advantage of his messiness to lay around in his clothes. They smell like him but cannot annoy me the way that he does.

I don't know what I'm doing in this picture but I think I look absolutely adorable...and my Parents agree.

This is me standing atop my conquest. This strange beast assists be in snagging many goodies.

Nap, part II.

And finally we have a before and after. This is the before... (4 months)

This is after at 8 months. But as much as I grow I never outgrow my toy box! Once again, I apologize.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
[Parents' PS: has anyone else watched the new James Bond movie with their pugs? Did they refuse to shut up throughout the entire movie also? So obnoxious!!!]


Ronin_The_Pug said...

HIHIHIHI!You are so funny Winston! The photo with you in your toy box is hilarious!

Pug Mommy said...

Hi Winston! I love the picture of you looking down on your Daddy -- you look like Bat pug! Maggie is glad to hear from you. She says she needs your help on learning how to use the computer because Napoleon is trying to get rid of her. I think Nappy read about how you got rid of your nemisis.

Page said...

Note to parents: Sela barks whenever there is a doorbell (on tv and real), whenever there is another dog barking (again, on tv and real) or if the sound just doesn't sound right, which is pretty much all the time. So, in answer to your question, any movie pretty much triggers barking. Then Sela barking makes Winston bark and chaos ensues. See why you should have two pugs??

Suki said...

Whoa, you were much bigger at 4 months than I am, Winston. I went to the vet today and I'm only 8 1/2 pounds...what's up with that? I eat like a total pig and I don't gain weight..mommy says she's jealous.

My parents have not seen the new Bond movie but mom's dying to. Dad's jealous of the buff guy, so she may have to just sneak out and buy it without him :)

Suki said...

P.S. A pug zoo in Guadalajara?!? That's where my dad's from! Not mommy, she's a gringa, but she says she went there a few years ago and did not see any pugs there.

Hmmmm...maybe they were all hiding from the taco vendors on the street??? Hehehe.

Christine said...

We just bought it. I'll try it out and let you know.

Giggs was very amused by our "Eddie Murphy: Delirious" DVD. He likes the crown noises.

muppyandgertismom said...

hahahahahhahahahha~~ yeah- gertrude lost it whenever she saw daniel craig on screen- mesmerizing. i'm telling you, she has a crush on him. she likes the brits