Sunday, March 11, 2007

RE: Gorby
I decided rather than learn to adjust to my brother, I would just run him off. So I tormented Gorby until my parents found him a new home. My plan almost backfired...Daddy wanted to get rid of me. Mommy talked him out of it. It was nothing personal, he just crowded my space. Anyways, Gorby is with a family where someone is always at home (Gorby has separation anxiety) as well as a Boston Terrier. Gorby has yet to meet his new brother because the Boston was on vacation. Can you believe that? A dog on vacation? My parents had a good feeling once they heard that Gorby's new mommy was the type of person that sends her pets on vacation. Also, he lives nearby so my Daddy can still see him at the dogpark (apparently I have to meet Gorby and his new bother Gus the Boston for playdates).

Do I look guilty?

Gorby is in this picture. Can you find him? Hint: he was attempting to flee from one tormenting pug.

Here I am, telling my humans "look, Gorby's gone!" [Parents' Note: Gorby actually managed to get all the way under the bed to get away from the evil cone-head pug.]

So, do I look guilty?

I don't know what happened here. My lip got stuck on my teeth or something. I'll admit it's not too flattering.

Gorby is pretty cute...

But I am much happier playing by myself. Plus this little red dot doesn't bite!
We'll give you an update on Gorby. His Mommy has promised to keep my parents posted.
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Christine said...

Those are the cutest 'pug shots' EVER!

Suki said...

OMG, Winston, that picture is so funny! But why were you wearing the dreaded cone?

I also loved the clip of you chasing that red dot. It looks like you started to get a little dizzy, there! Haha :)
Puggy kisses xoxo

Pug Mommy said...

Why exactly are you wearing the cone head Winston? Is it so Gorby couldn't chew on your neck? I'm sorry he didn't work out with you. I guess some pugs are meant to be only children after all.

PS. Napoleon loves chasing the red dot as well. I can even make him attack my husbands leg if I put it on him. :)

Page Cole said...

My Winston wanted to let you know that he is willing to give his sister Sela to you if you get lonely....permanently ;)

Aunt Roni said...

Sorry things didn't work out with Gorby. You're just going to have to love your parents enough for 2 pugs.

malolivo said...

So cool!! I love your blog. I have a pug too, her name is Beca.

Anonymous said...

Hey winston I love that video and all the pictures tell your mom that i wrote her an email and i want her to write me back GO GEORGETOWN and TEXAS

muppyandgertismom said...

awww- well, i'm sad to see gorby go, but i'm glad that winston has found a happy medium and you guys found him a good home with a boston terrier... sigh.