Sunday, March 04, 2007

Adjusting to a change
As you all know, My brother came to live with us for a trial period. Things seem to being going OK so far, except that my brother continuously nibbles at one spot on my neck so much that hair has started to fall out. My parents are going to take me to the vet tommorrow to get a bandage and hopefully everything will be alright.

This is the "Before," peacefully chilling with a sock.

This is our introduction. Gorby is a big guy.

This is us starting to play with each other.

Some friendly sniffing. I know he does not mean to hurt me.

Here, I try to make it perfectly clear who will be in charge in this house. We clear pug?

This is me and Gorby sharing a drink together.

Gorby stole my pig toy and I cannot stand for that. This is me seeking to retake what is mine.

Ok, so it wasn't that easy to retake what is mine. This is me chasing Gorby to retake what is mine.

This is me trying to take what is actually Gorby's, his toy that my Daddy gave to him when he got here.

The same quest, taking away his weinerdog mini-toy.

I tried to sneak under him to get the weinerdog mini-toy since Gorby's direct blocking techniques were being quite effective.

This is a shot of the two of us together. See the different emotions? One of us is estatic and one is miserable...can you tell which is which?

Redux of the previous post.

This is the "after." Gorby is a handful, but Daddy thinks it'll be great in the long run if it works out. We'll keep you posted.
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Suki said...

Yay! I'm so glad you're playing nicely (for the most part). I think Gorby will be good for you! :)
Puggy kisses xoxo

Lynn said...

"This is a shot of the two of us together. See the different emotions? One of us is estatic and one is miserable...can you tell which is which."

This was my favorite post and picture! I LOLed!! Lucky Lucky You!!!

Pug Mommy said...

Great Post! Winston I love the duck underneath Gorby and steal his toy manuever. I think you 2 are going to work out just fine.

Page Cole said...

I'm with Lynn on this one...that picture had me laughing hysterically (and at work, I might add, which probably made my boss wonder as to what i'm up to)...there will probably be an adjustment time 'cause there definately was with Winston and Sela, but it'll all work out.

Duke & Gidget said...

Hey guys, it was great seeing you all at the Pug meetup. We think Gorby and Winston are going to get along great. It took the Gidget and I a while to warm up to each other, and now we are best buds. Well, most of the time....


LMizzle said...

There was a story on the news about a red panda licking its babies so much that their hair started to come off. Then she kept licking and she somehow was getting the skin off! Crazy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Winston i hope your vet appt will go well as your mommy's sister i am plannin on being a vet assistant so i am sure it will not be that bad

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hey guys! We are so happy that Gorby has come to stay with you! And I hope you two will get along!

Panda's mom said...

You guys are so cute together. Such good brothers :)

Kennie said...

Hey, I made a blog for my pugs with Google Page Creator, and my pugs are reviewing pug blogs, like Django. Can we review your pug blog sometime?

Aunt Roni said... is it working out? Is he a keeper?