Sunday, July 15, 2007

Lazy Weekend
Is there any other kind?

First of all, on Friday, both of my parents had the nerve to leave me all alone while they went to the dogpark without me. [Parents' Note: We went to work] I tried to camouflage myself in my toybox so Mommy couldn't find me to put me in my corral before she left. It didn't exactly work. [Parents' note: this is a true story, Winston tried to hide in the toybox and we almost let him stay out of his corral because he was so cute.]

To make up for leaving me, Mommy shared her ice cream with me. [Parents' note: he only got to lick the bowl, there wasn't any ice cream left.]

Here I am trying to squish my face even more so I can reach the bottom of the bowl.

Where is it??? I know there is more ice cream around this house somewhere!

Uggg, so full!!

On Saturday I hunted down this fierce beast.

I'm pretty sure I killed him. He kept telling me to step away from his bone, but I showed him who owns the bones around here! [Parents' Note: The toy says "Oh yeah, step away from the bone...DIG IT?" when you squeeze it]

I must have plenty of beauty rest after a hard day at the dogpark. Also, when I was walking in the dogpark some people walking by laughed and said that I was the first "non-fat" pug that they had ever seen. Perhaps not a glowing compliment but I take what I can get.

Chillin' on the couch behind one of my parents is still how I prefer to spend the late nights (I like neither "Confessions of a Match-maker" nor "48 Hours Saturday Night Mystery."

Snarf everydog later,

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Peanut said...

It sounds like your weekend wasn't so lazy after all.

Page said...

mmmm mmmmmm, I love Ben & Jerry's! Glad to see you are being fed quality ice cream, Winston.

Duke & Gidget said...

Jeez Winston, it looks like you are about to fit your whole head inside that cup!

That's a cool toy you've got. We have a blue one just like it that says "C'mon, throw me the ball, throw me the ball".

~Pug Hugs~

Pugsley, Buster & Cricket said...

Glads you had a great weekend Winston. Maybe the best part be the ice cream.

Your pals, Pugsley, Buster and cricket

Suki Sumo said...

Winston's Parents:

I don't think Winston looks like a huge beast, but that's partly because the pug I had before Suki Su was over 30 pounds of pugness (it was water weight). Whew! She was a big girl. I just hope that I can help SukiDuki maintain her girlish figure.

I do cherish having such a cutie patootie puppy, but there are certain things (like the small bladder and the trips out at 2:00, 3:00, and 5:00 a.m.) that I probably won't miss too much. She is a little star though, and I'm sure there are more puglets on my horizon.

-Suki Sumo's mommy

Chewie said...

I try hiding in the toybox all the time. but thats just so no one sees me eating water bottles. *snort*