Thursday, June 21, 2007

Yo Dawgs!!
What up Gs?? This be Big W in da' house!!! I gotta say I am disappointed in my comment gettin' skills lately. C'mon homies, I wanna hear yo's da' only way I can keep it real. Please, don't hesitate to comment or else my parents have said they will cut down my treats until my commenting level rebounds and I start pulling my weight around here. [Parents' note: he's lying, but we do love to hear everyone's comments.]

This is me, the original Notorious PUG.

This is me without the hood on, looking like my adorable self. I think that it is sad but my grumpy care bear outfit is already too tight.

Ah, to think back to the days when I was adorable and all I had to do to get love from people at the dog park was make eye-contact. Now everyone just wants to play with the most recent puppy edition.

I have found myself growing depressed as I think of my advancing age and realize that I have yet to impose my tyrannical (yet benevolent) rule upon a single city; not even the peaceful tree-huggers of Seattle have succumbed to my rule.

I am still the master of this House. Here I am making Mommy miserable as she attempts to load dirty laundry into the washing machine. She dare not complain.

In my dreams I am always the top dog.

My baseball has finally submitted to me; although I did have to destroy his friend the Loofa in front of his eyes before would finally give in.

Gotta keep the cute looks going for a little longer becuase they permit me to enter the good graces of numerous humans- then I shall use them to my own advantages.

But plotting does make me tired. For now I shall manage to endure the hardship that is my upbringing.

Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Christine said...

You gotta step it up on the laundry torment there Winston. Giggs is an expert. He lifted his leg on my load of whites two nights ago!

Christopher said...

No laundry can go untouched in my house. It must be rolled around in and drug to the far corners of the house. Especially underwear.

Suki said...

I just read your post about the dog retaurant and I am speechless! There's a DOG restaurant in Seattle? How freakin' pawsome is that?!?

You're Birthday Boy t-shirt is adorable. You've really grown a lot, Winston!

Puggy kisses

LMizzle said...

Oh man, we'd come to your birthday party if it weren't so far away! Seattle won't be so far away soon enough though! :0)

Also, my good friend's dog's name is Tory, which is short for The Notorious P.U.G.

Best. Name. Ever.

Page said...

Winston, try rolling in fresh clean laundry. My Winnie LOVES IT! He loves that the clothes are warm (I think so he can wipe his little grimey (sp?) body all over them and so they have his scent). Oh, and love your b-day shirt. You have become such a big boy!

Duke & Gidget said...

Hey Winston, good news. We've decided to delay Gidget's surgery until after your birthday. So we'll definitely be at your party. We can't wait to see you and your servants!


Shannon said...

Aw Winston, I'll come out of lurkdom for you! My Daisy would love to help you celebrate your birthday, but the trip from our place to Seattle bites. So we will wish you happy birthday from here!

Caroline said...

Winston, after discovering your blog by accident, I am now a regular reader and cant wait for the next installment! I have shared your blog with other pug lovers.

My puggies like to jump into laundry baskets and sleep on dirty clothes. They also leave cookie crumbs in my sheets!

Momentarily_Distracted said...

Winston, I don't think you will be anything less than adorable. You're safe.
My pug 'helps' with the laundry and the dishes, as does Mom's Shi Tzu. It's a circus when these two get to playing!

Panda said...

OMG Winston, I can't believe you got to go to a doggy restaurant. I am so jealous!!
You look very handsome in all your pictures, like always. I recommend you get a bigger sweater though.