Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Sad Anniversary
We have been puppy tagged by Suki. As you all know, my parents got me when they were looking for an excuse to stop studying for the bar exam, but that is not the whole story. A year ago my Daddy's high school puppy Frenchy died. Frenchy was a chihuahuah/daschaund mix (they think) that was adopted from the pound, and was named Frenchy because she French kissed anyone she met... a lot. She was also the sweetest dog ever and possessed the ability to disarm anyone. She even convinced Daddy's mother (who did not like dogs) to let her sleep in bed with her. And there Frenchy stayed, on the bed that is, for about 10 years. Visitors would quitely enter Daddy's parents' room and wait for her to lift her head, which was a sign that it was acceptable to approach and kiss. The only thing that could get her out of bed was the shaking of the car keys, the words "car ride"- which she heard at least once daily-, or dinner. She was easily the most popular member of the family, but sadly cancer took her. However, it just so happens that the only thing that can heal dog-induced heartbreak is a new puppy. I was happy to provide my services in this instance. Daddy says that I lack both the dignity and class of Frenchy, but that he will nonetheless continue to work with me.

Here I am barely a puppy, only 2 weeks old. As my mommy said, I looked like more like a rat than a puppy.

Here I am a little more puppy like at 4 weeks. This was the first time that my parents and I really got to play with each other. Notice how my tail does not even complete a full curl.

Here at 7 1/2 weeks I am a bona fide adorable puppy.

This is my first ever car ride. I slept in the box, which was set on top of Mommy's lap. They thought that I was going to be a good car-rider...I sure fooled them. [Parents' note: he is a horrible car-rider and we have been forced to give up on all doggy seatbelts, we now must lock the idiot in a crate to take him anywhere.]

This is me trying to get on my snuggle-nest back in the days when it was huge!!!

This me soundly asleep upon the aforementioned snuggle-nest.

This was me with my Sombrero that my parents got me from Mexico.

This was the dress that Daddy got me because he thought it was funny. I showed him, I destroyed his remote control (also pictured) and he was forced to watch one channel for several days until Mommy bought him a universal remote.

This is me as a plump puggy puppy. Too many frappacinos will destroy a bikini figure, but frappacinos are everywhere in Starbucks dominated Seattle.

WATER TORTURE!!! It sucks, and my parents still subject me to it on a weekly basis.

This was my frog outfit, one of my first costumes. It was put on as punishment for making Mommy mad. Apparently, "Don't piss off a red-head" is a universal truth.

This is me snuggling soundly upon my original BFFs. I have gone through about 7 loofas, one stuffed pig toy, and the ducky is now on life support. I should also mentioned that I have destroyed scores of other toys, and several things that were not mine.

This is me pretending to be an angel so that Daddy does not kick me out on the Street, like he has threatened to do on several occaisons [Daddy's note: after he pooped on the bed, peed on my pillow, and bit my ear and made it bleed].
Snarf everyone later,
Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Duke & Gidget said...

Hey Winston, we're sorry to hear about Frenchy, she sounds like a really sweet doggy. And we think that you are and were an adorable little guy. Oh and tell your Dad to stop whining so much, you're just acting the way pug puppies are supposed to act!

~Pug Hugs~

Suki said...

What a cool dog Frenchy was, and what a great life your Daddy and his family gave her :)

Seriously, Winston, you were an adorable little baby. Almost as cute as me, I'd say. I've also bit my Mommy's ear really hard - but I didn't make it bleed. I'd definitely be on the street for that!

Puggy kisses

Pug Mommy said...

Winston you are an adorable distraction to studying and I think the frog costume is SO cute.

laserone said...

Ohhhh, what wonderful puppy photos! :)

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh poor Frency! You know Winston, I understand you. Before I came to live here my humans had another doggy that passed away... and now they always compare me to him... I don't know how they find any resembles... he was a boxer, I'm a puggy... My humans say that you are so cute!
Oh how cool! You'll have a birthday party! I wish I could come! :(((

Duke & Gidget said...

Hey Winston, thanks for the invitation to your birthday party (well, us and everydoggy). since we are getting old, we have a bad memory and we can't remember if Magnuson Park is totally fenced in or not. Could you remind us please? Thanks buddy!

Panda said...

Awww it sounds like Frenchy was a wonderful little girl. Hugs to you all.

You are so incredibly cute in all the pictures Winston, you must have been one of the cutest Pug puppies to ever walk the earth.

Julia said...

Winston, let me tell you a true story about your father. Once while we were at the university, I accidentally found out that his email password was Frenchy. Boy, was he embarassed! Ask him if his new email password is Winston, and if it is not, insist that he change it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Winston...ask your dad about the time we told him that frenchie had babies...that was awesome!!!He's not always the sharpest tool in the shed.

Aunt Roni