Sunday, December 03, 2006

Pug Meetup!!
I went to another pug meetup this weekend, and had lots of fun with my pugs friends.

This is my friend Buddy. He's the same age as me, even though he's a lot smaller. He loves wearing camouflage and loves playing with me. We played and played under these chairs. My Daddy likes it when I play with him because he's not a sissy and apparently he hopes that his courage will rub off on me; but I'm not a coward, I'm merely extremely selective as to when to engage another dog and, based on this caution, I prefer to hide under chairs or between my parents' feet.

This is Buddy posing. If you ask me there is something not quite right in his eyes that warrants a cautious approach.

I also played with some other pugs under the chairs. I liked playing under the chairs, and cowering under them if necessary.

Here I am about to come out from under the chairs... that's me in the harness, obviously.

I like running and when I'm going really fast I use my tail as an air rudder to help me change direction. That's why it's straight up in the air here.

That's me. I'm brave, see?

This is my friend Gidget. She always looks sad, at least around me. A long time ago I may have insinuated that she was fat and ever since then she cannot look at me without appearing devastated. If I may say, she looks quite fit and trim nowadays. If she weren't so old I would probably consider giving her a pity date.

This is Gidget's brother, and my hero, Duke...along with his famous tongue.

I was able to use my cunning and sneak this toy away from some people who were distracted by my cuteness.

The people apparently STILL thought I was cute, even after I "borrowed" their toy, so they played fetch with me.

Then this other pug, close on my tail in this picture, took the toy away from me!

But I didn't even have to stand up for myself and get the toy back, because, due to my aforementioned cuteness, it was the people who got it back for me. Then the people told me I could take the toy home! See, I wasn't stealing it, I knew it was mine all along. That's what being so cute has taught me - all toys are my toys, provided I give the "look." We had to leave the pug meetup when, new toy in mouth, I looked around and saw almost all the other pugs had given up and gone home.

I was pretty tired after the pug meetup, I didn't even notice when my parents put a shirt on me. I later found out that the shirt said "Mama's boy." I'm ok with that.

I am nothing if not industrious when it comes to finding a place to sleep.
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Ronin_The_Pug said...

Winston you are a party puggy! And what a great party and photos! It would be nice if we had something like that around here...

Duke & Gidget said...

Thanks for noticing my weight loss Winston. A girl's gotta watch her figure, ya know. And if it wasn't for your Daddy, I might consider giving you a pity date. Unfortunately, he has a thing about trying to kiss me!

Pug Hugs ~ Gidget

Oscar said...

That's right. Give the humans the "look", then they succumb to the will of the pug.

Thanks for your help on posting youTube videos to my blog. Hopefully, I'll get a few videos up there soon!

dog lover said...

Heya Winston,

Thanks for adding us as your puggy are so cute! And yes, use your pug power of cuteness to get what you want...we love it! Your pug meetup looks fun...great pictures and descriptions. :) If Brownie was there, he would fight with you for toys since he loves toys more than anything.

Wow...we thought it was just us but it seems all of our puggers like to sleep on the cracks on top of sofas, top of the pillow mountain!

We added you as our pug friend too and are looking forward to learning more about you. Pug hugs!

Porky & Brownie

Anonymous said...

you are so adorable when you are asleep winston