Wednesday, December 06, 2006

One is NEVER enough!!! Pug Punch Anyone?
I'm not in this pictures but these dogs appear to be on the kitchen table or, as it is known in the pug world, that heavenly place that leads to a state of nirvana. See how cute and happy these guys are? The pug cuteness formula is- all cuteness points added and raised to the power of pugs present. Imagine the joy a pug with a cuteness factor of 1000 could bring. Add that to my cuteness factor of 5000 and you have a cuteness factor of 6000 which must be squared (that's 6000^2 (two pugs) not 6000 x 2(two pugs)) and you have more cuteness than my parents can handle and pure joy. Now all we have to do is convince Mommy.

I want a SISTER!!! If Mommy is unable to listen to reason then very soon I will resort to pouting and, if that does not work, I will start pooping in Mommy's shoes (thanks for the suggestion Duke).

Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Anonymous said...

winston don't poop in your mommy's shoes maybe mommy just wants a perfect angle

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Hey Winston! Yup a sister it's a great idea! Two of my humans are thinking to get me one too... the third human doesn't think so. C'mon Winston's Mommy!!! If Winston is a good boy and he wants a little sister!

Oscar said...

Who is this anonymous who always seems to side with your Mommy. She must not know the joys of having two pugs and how necessary that is.

Here is what I do when I'm bored and need to convince Mommy that I need to go to the dog park, or bring me home a sister or brother:
jump on her laptop when she's on it,
chew on her hair
drop my toys on her lap or shove them in her face-or better,
I shove them under the couch and then dig at them so Mommy has no choice but to get them out.
If none of that works I resort to incessent barking!

Oscar said...

Your Mommy is from the Columbus area?! Cool! Maybe we can play sometime. Let me know when you are going to be in town! And yes, I am a purebred pug, although Mommy seems to be dragging her feet when it comes to registering me. My Daddy, daddy, was a 7 time champion when my new Mommy and Daddy picked me up. Is that good enough for you? What about you?

Oscar said...

Oh yeah-Mommy doesn't really like Ohio State either, but uh...let me know when you read this so I can delete my comment, because people around here are....well...buckeye crazy and we don't need any death threats. ;) Your Mommy might understand seeing as how she's from around here.

Oscar said...

Wow! I'm going to have to do some research into my background! Where did your parents find you?

OK. I'll leave my comment up. I don't blame her for being a Michigan fan. Mommy can't tell which way she's going to go. She's a bid Purdue fan though.

Amanda said...

I would love to talk to your mommy and tell her that two pugs is better than one and I would never have just one pug again. Plus, your at a good age now that you would probably accept a little sister well! It's also easier to train a second pug - they learn from their pug siblings mistakes (and so do we!)