Sunday, December 17, 2006

An involuntarily lazy weekend
First of all, Happy coming home anniversary to my hero Duke. The power went out to all Seattle this weekend due to a big wind storms (big trees and power lines don't mix). We never lost power, but fixing the power seems to have necessitated disconnecting our cable (or so Comcast says). Mommy and Daddy had to improvise on entertaining me this weekend, so we went to the dog park a lot and they played me a movie.

It was called Milo and Otis, and I liked it a lot. There was this awesome part where a cat fell off a cliff, but it lived so it wasn't so cool after all.

This is me chillin' on the snugglenest this weekend.

This is me on the same snugglenest right after my parents got me.

I discovered an awesome new way to gank some food, I just lick it while it's being perfectly set up in this strange machine.

Hmmmmm, good!! But there is a strange aftertaste. (Parent's note: that'd be soap.)

This is me looking sad in my Seahawks jersey and sleeping on top of my Mommy's monkey slippers. Mommy does not approve, but me and the monkeys are lover ;-)
Don't I look sad to have pictures taken of me?

This is a back view, notice how tight it is because that is going to be momentarily relevant.

Different view of how well it fits.

A front view of my barrel chest popping out of that Seahawk jersey. If I may say, I am becoming quite an intimidating physical specimen.

This is me a couple of months ago in the same jersey.

See how loose it was. My parents get sad when they see how small and cute I used to be.

Me and the destruction I cause to my parents' room.

Me getting ready to go to sleep. The requisite cute picture.

My new favorites spot on the couch.

Me spooning (distantly) from my "I spoon with my pug dog" pillow.
Snarf everyone later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Ronin_The_Pug said...

Oh yes Winston! You are a big boy! My humans are sad too because I'm a big boy now... But lets face it: we couldn't do a lot of things when we were so tiny! Now I can climb into bed all by myself and chew everything I find. :)

Oscar said...

I love "helping" with the dishes too! IT's a great way to sneak a snack!

Mommy will post a picture of me in my old polo. It's really small on me too!

Pug Mommy said...

When we first got Nappy we looked all over for Milo and Otis. I don't think he got quite as big a kick out of it as we did though.

Winston finally figured out the dishwasher / snack machine. Nappy taught that trick to Maggie within a couple we weeks of her living with us! Just tell him to beware of the knives.

Duke & Gidget said...

Thanks for the shoutout buddy! And congrats on discovering the snack storage machine (dishwasher). I have also discovered that it is fun to lick the snack storage machine door while my parents are preparing my dinner.