Sunday, October 29, 2006

This time, I did not have to settle for anything less than a complete victory, along with the two other victors. It was a three way tie. Nonetheless, since I was one of the victorious, I cannot claim that the judges were anything less than extremely qualified.

This is me and my Daddy celebrating my victory. I got a toy rubber bone and a ball. I love them both. I should mention that Daddy and Mommy dressed up to help me, hence his bright orange shirt. He was "prisoner #24601, J. Valjean." She wore a black and white striped shirt.

I wasn't very shy this time. Here I am running around with some of the big boys, but I'm quickly closing in on them. I weigh 10.5 pounds now.

This is Henry, a pug puppy that is just a little older. Last time (three weeks ago) he was huge, now we're about the same size.

This is a cool white piggy pug.

Close up of the cutest pug there!

Me with a big smile.

My costume had two elements. The first was the police uniform, the second was me being a "good dog." Some people even asked what obedience school I went to, I am such a con artist!

My hero Duke as a vampire with a really big tongue.

Gidget as a really scary Dragon.
Keep going, there are more pictures to come.


Anonymous said...

GOOD JOB, WINSTON!!!! U r a very cool puppy! And your parents spoil you! (we know someone else)

Duke & Gidget said...

Thanks for posting so many pictures. We really love that one with us and Winston. It does look like we are plotting World Domination. And yes Winston's Dad, you WILL pay for your inappropriate grabbing of my tongue!


Django said...

Those are great pics, Winston. And congrats with your first place, ofcourse. You definitely deserved it!

Anonymous said...

Winston, you can come patrol my area any time. You are so much cuter than the human police around here.

Duke and them costume.