Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pictures continued.

Here are my best buds Gidget and Duke, taking a breather. My Mommy just loves Duke's tongue!

This is the "big three" as we are known in the pug world. We're discussing how to divide up the pug world when total victory is finally achieved. I objected to Duke's decision to summarily execute my parents (it seems my Daddy thought it was funny to grab and hold his tongue), however I gave in when I found out that I get all the treats I want!!

This is "Winston", another one of the winners. He stole my name so I don't like him. His Grandma actually custom made the entire cowboy outfit for him. I laughed because during the contest he was announced as a "cowgirl."

Another picture of Henry, the slighty older pug puppy.

Look at all the PUGS!! We sure do know how to train our humans.

I like the way that this little puggy was exhausted and chillin' with her human. Kudos on the tongue.

This is the penultimate pug race of all time!!! There I am, third from left being held by my Daddy in the bright orange shirt (he's telling me to run to Mommy). I was doing good until I was side swiped by a big pug and pushed to the side. However, I did bettter than my friend Gidget, who went three steps and then gave up. Her Daddy was not impressed.

Chillin' at home afterwards, kinda tired.

Trying to sneak in some shut eye, if Daddy would just leave me alone. I had an awesome time.

Snarf everyone later,

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth.


pugfreak said...

Great costumes and pics!

Pug Mommy said...

Congrats on your big win! I'm sure you being a "good boy" helped win over the judges. You are such a con artist....

Duke & Gidget said...

Personally, we think it was rigged. In fact, we're pretty sure the judges were the same people who officiated the Oklahoma vs Oregon football game earlier this year!

But seriously, congrats on the big win. You definitely deserved it. And it was great seeing you and your human servants again. Be sure to let us know if you hear anything more about a Seattle meetup.

Oscar said...

Winston! You dressed the same as me for Halloween! Congratulations on your win! I entered a Halloween costume contest, but I didn't win it this year.

I'm a policeman because Mommy and Daddy's apartment got robbed, so I wanted to be a policeman so I can make an arrest next time. ;)