Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just Me Being Adorable
Hey everyone, not much exciting has been going on here but I finally got Mommy to let me post. I have really been growing, it makes my Parents sad.

This was me at about seven weeks, about seven weeks ago. I was wearing my "Obey the Pug" T-shirt.

This is me now at about 14 weeks, wearing the same t-shirt. See, I've gotten bigger!

I've also learned that if I wear ridiculous things my Mommy and Daddy will give me treats! I LOVE FOOD!

I realize that as I get older I need to grow up and begin pulling my weight. Here I am helping Mommy fold the clothes. She says I am her super little helper.

But work makes me tired.

Really, really, really tired. I think that my Parents should increase my daily calorie allotment if they're gonna be working me like a slave.

This is me trying on one of my potential Pug-o-ween costumes. What do ya'll think?

This is scary, kinda like a two headed dog...if one of them were a chicken, not a real chicken but a cute chick.

Yummy treats. I remember now why I tolerate this abuse.

Snarf you later,

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Anonymous said...

Winston you are an amazing puggy-pug! And yes you've grown so much! (Like me!!!) Oh and you help your Mommy!! Very nice of you. About the costume: cute and sweet but you are a GRAND DUKE ;)Oh we know someone else who tolerates lots of things for a biscuit (yes that's me!)

Duke & Gidget said...

Boy, you sure are getting big Winston. A couple more weeks and that shirt won't even fit you anymore. We're not sure about the costume though, it looks kinda like you are getting attacked by a giant chicken. That kinda freaked us out!

Pug Mommy said...

Winston you are getting so big! I love your T-shirt -- all the Obey the Pug stuff cracks me up! We agree with Duke and Gidget, the 2-headed pug/chicken picture is pretty weird. I think the frog hat is pretty cute and can't be beat.