Monday, October 09, 2006

Pictures continued.
Here I am finally getting up my courage to play. Incidentally my courage came back after my hero Duke left and I no longer had to be concerned about embarrassing myself in front of him.

Here I am attempting to assert my dominance over a wimpy pug. It didn't go that well.

This pug actually thought that I looked like a tasty treat. Her owner was holding her back and Daddy was in the foreground ready to swoop in and pick me up. I stared that sucka' down cold.

Notice how everyone is oooing and awwwing over the cute little puggy puppy. I got a lot of that at the pug meet. I can't help it if I'm beautiful.

Here I am, holding my own against a big puggy. Look at how small I look right beside him.

Oh yeah, that puggy was nice to me and I really enjoyed bugging him.

This is me in my new Longhorn Jersey that says "Pugsworth" on the back. Me and Daddy missed the Texas-OU game, but it all turned out well in the end. In the name of good sportmanship I must commend OU for having a consistently good football team despite being fully stocked by illiterate inbred hicks. (Parents' note: Winston is being rude and we apologize, but you should be glad you don't have to hear him go on and on about how much he hates Ohio.)

Me and Daddy celebrating the UT victory, I'm really into it.


Until next time, snarf you later.

/s/Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Duke & Gidget said...

Winston, it's good to see you livened up a bit after we left. We look forward to frollicking with you in the near future. And thanks for posting all the pictures, especially the one of Gidget peeing. hehehehe


kmfannin said...

Oh yeah, OHIO STATE is #1 according to everybody. Maybe a Buckeye Jersey could be in your future but your parents would burn it. What about Syracuse? Do they make football jerseys for Syracuse?