Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An Exciting weekend!!! I won 3rd Place at the Pug-o-ween!!
I ruled the crowd in my fire hydrant costume. I would have won 1st place, but I had to take off my hydrant hat because it was uncomfortable and the Judges said that I exceeded the permitted level of cuteness, so the judges weren't sure if whether they would be giving me first prize for an awesome costume or just for being adorable little me. I was happy nonetheless, and my parents were extremely proud.

My Mommy forgot to take pictures at the pug-o-ween, but this is what I looked like.

And I went to the dog park and I got a CUTE new girlfriend, her name is Bella the chihuahuah! Actually, she clearly had the hots for me, but I'm not sure if I want a relationship. See, my Mommy seems to be an anchor around the neck of my Daddy in that miserable and unpredictable torrential river, filled with rocks, that is a relationship. It's hard enough to make it to shore without an ole' ball and chain dragging you down, if ya' know what I mean ;-) [Mommy's note: Winston and Daddy both know that Daddy would be lost and miserable without me :P]

But, nonetheless, we had lots of fun playing.

She has a tiny little sister named Mia. Mia is also really cute, but I hear that dating sisters just starts problems.

See!!! She was all over me!

And I went to the dog park! I played fetch - look how far I ran to get the ball! I think I may be part retriever. This is quite possible since I hear that my great-great-great-great grandmother, Lady Esnesnon, was quite the promiscuous "black sheep" of the family. She wasn't actually a sheep though, she was the sister of the Great Pug leader Rollo II, the largely inept, and mother of Pugeweld the Snorter (Rollo didn't have any children because his "balls" did not drop). So there may actually be some retriever blood in me.

And I brought it all the way back!

And I got my 1,000th visitor to my blog! Of course with this adorable face who could resist me? THANKS EVERYONE FOR VISITING SO OFTEN!!!

It's tiring work winning contests, flirting with girls, and satisfying the masses!

Snarf everyone very soon,

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Winston!!! U looked so cool in your hydrant costume! Oh boy, oh boy u met a girl! :) Hihihi!! Winston got a girlfriend!

Bine said...

Well, congrats, little Winston! And do chide your human mommy for not taking pictures at the Pugoween!

Grandma said...

Good morning, Winston, congratulations on your winning the costume contest. You looked adorable. You are a bit young for the girlfriends so tread carefully. You have a lifetime and there is a big, big, world out there. Love

Duke & Gidget said...

Congrats on winning 3rd place Winston, but we think you should have gotten first.
On another note, it looks like we are not going to be able to go to this Saturdays Pug-O-Ween after all. It seems our Dad waited too long to RSVP and it was already full. We are quite upset with the old man, and we plan on using this against him for quite some time. But he has promised to take us to the next meetup, so we hope to see you then.

Grandma said...

Good morning Winston, Today is my last day of work before I start my vacation. Then I am coming to see you. Can't wait to play with you. So rest a lot so you can play with Grandma, Grandpa, Roni & Emit. Love

Duke & Gidget said...

Hey Winston, thanks for the offer on getting us into the Pug-O-Ween, but I don't know if we would feel right about that. As much as we would like to go, it doesn't seem right having you change your RSVP after you have already done it. Also, we have already RSVP'd no. So that might make some people wonder how we got in. And we don't want people thinking we are crashing the party. Gidget and I have too much dignity to do that. hehehe yeah right! Anyway, thanks again for the offer, we really appreciate it. Just be sure to take pictures!

libby said...

Winston, you're adorable. I am sorry I missed out on the voting for the costume! I think you should have gotten 1st place, as I can not imagine a cuter pug than you!