Sunday, August 24, 2008

Some MeMe Making Catch-up (intentionally poorly worded)
As Cosette pointed out in last week's Cosette Colbert Report, I have been slacking on the memes that have been going around. This week I want to catch up on two.

First, I would like to do the Refridgerator Meme. This is our fridge. Ta-da! Nothing can be hung lower because both myself and the Stray will eat it.

One of my parents' favorite things on the fridge is a copy of this article from The Onion, entitled "Dog Breeders Issue Massive Recall of '07 Pugs". I am not amused. Shortly after this article was posted my latent defects (my eye condition) came to light. After much discussion my parents decided to keep me despite my defects. [Mommy's note: Winston's Daddy always talks about returning him because he is defective but he is just joking. I tell him that pugs cannot understand sarcasm and that he should not joke like that but he will not listen.]

And of course we have the directions to the new emergency vet. This was the first thing to go on the fridge when we moved to the new house. This is held up with a magnet from the other emergency vet. The other magnet is one of my favorite things on the fridge. It says "adopt a cat - you become staff. adopt a pug - you get a friend". We got this at the Pug Gala, from Daisy's Corner.

Secondly, I would like to do the "Adore Le Pug" meme. This meme has a couple of questions that my parents are supposed to answer, so I will, reluctantly, turn the blog over to them. If the post sucks from here on, don't blame me.

1. How did you first learn about pugs?
Winston's Daddy saw a picture of the pug in an encyclopedia when he was younger and always thought that they looked cute. Later, his chihuahuah/daschund mix defeated a pug in a one on one beauty contest. He thought the pug was cute but could not admit that since she (her name was Sadie) was competition. His Daddy then educated Mommy about the peculiar breed at a later time.

2. What made you decide to get a pug?

We (one of us anyway) already had the idea of a pug in mind, and then we got the chance to pug sit for one and a half very awesome pugs, Rollo and Parker. These two pugs are so entertaining and so loving, we definitely knew we wanted one (or two or three or more) for ourselves. When we finally got an apartment that allowed dogs, we started reading books about pugs, and the more we read the more we were convinced. They are perfect for a home where both people work, perfect in a town where it rains a lot and people might not always want to go out for a long walk, perfect for a small apartment, perfect for people who like to sleep in on the weekends, perfect little lap dogs who will put up with wearing clothes and being laughed at. And they have only exceeded our expectations.
3. Most memorable moment with your pugs?
(This is Winston on the way home in his little basket with his blanky and camel.)

Definitely one of the most memorable moments with both pugs was the first day we brought them home. We had about a two hour long drive to get Winston and about a three hour drive to get Cosette. We stuck them in the same little basket and they both slept the entire way. Both of them climbed halfway out of the basket so they could lay partly on me. I was in love with them before we even picked them up, but that definitely sealed the deal. We were strangers to them but they instantly put all of their trust in us. It was their first time in a car, first time with us, but as long as they could get close to me, they were content.

4. What is the most important thing pugs have taught you?
Patience, try not to take little things too seriously, always be up to date on your pet insurance, and if at all possible avoid highway 520 if you are in a hurry to get to an emergency vet (only people from Seattle will get this last joke).

5. Best thing you ever did for your pugs?


We like to think that we have raised happy dogs who are confident, healthy, and who don't have to worry about a single thing. We have loved them with all our hearts since they day we met them, and have tried our best to let them know that.

Specifically, something good we have done for Winston is that we were able to take care of his immune system problem, get that under control, and save the vision in one of his eyes. After he was run into at the dog park, and the emergency room vet and our regular vet both told us his vision would come back, we took him to the opthamologist anyway, and it turned out we were just in time. She said it probably would've only been a few more weeks before he went blind in both eyes. We were connected with Winston enough to know that something was more wrong with him than the other vets were saying.

The other good think we think we have done for them is introduce them to each other. While Winston might not always love the fact that he is no longer an only pug, they are definitely good for each other.

I apologize for the cheese-ness of the humans.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Rachel said...

haha - that last picture of Winston and Cossette is classic. "Whaa?? there's a dog behind me??? I don't believe you! I specifically told her that the top of the couch is reserved: Winston only!"

Lex said...

That is a sweet meme! You are allowed some human cheese -eness when it comes to our pug babies. :)

Nevis said...

Adorable photos (esecially the baby pictures)...and love everything that you said.

Lucy said...

Great baby pictures, even Winston looked like a gerbil back in the day!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh this is exactly my sentiment regarding owning these little devils. I think pugs are the best breed you can ever have for a companion. Love it!


Oscar said...

What a sweet post! Like the idea of putting directions to an emergency vet on the fridge. We don't have much on our fridge.