Sunday, August 03, 2008

Playdate with Delilah
This is the Stray speaking, I have taken over the blog to inject some much needed class. I know that some of you have been upset about the lack of recent posts, and I can assure you that it is all Winston's fault. But forget about Winston, on to interesting things: namely me and the things I play with.

This thing is called Delilah. She is an eleven week old English Bulldog puppy, who happens to the be the same size as a certain five month old puglet.

I came across her on a walk and, after determining that she probably was not a terrier spy, we began to play profusely.

This will no doubt go down in history as one of the world's great face-offs.

I am smart enough to know that you should always occupy the high ground ... and never start a land war in Asia. [Parents' note: we watched "The Princess Bride" this weekend. We think this is a reference to Vanzini]

The pup was quickly vanquished by one of superior strength and intelligence.

Traitors, like Daddy, will be dealt with in the future. That little bulldog looks freaked. I know the feeling, Daddy is a weirdo.

Here the bulldog is subscribing to Winston's favorite mantra: if you can't win fair, cheat. She snuck up behind me a pulled a sneak attack after the game was over.

This is Winston's birthday present from my Mommy's Mommy. As you can see, it didn't quite fit Winston, but it fits me perfectly! Jackpot! It says "Got Treats?" My parents think this is perfect for me. [Parents' note: for those of you without pugs, they are hard to buy clothes for because their broad shoulders and squat bodies do not adhere to the standard Dog clothing sizes. And yes, we do know buying clothes for dogs is crazy.]

This picture is to try and illustate the size difference between me and Winston, so you can all see that this shirt would never have fit him in a million years. Winston says thanks anyway, it's the thought that counts :)

And finally, some pictures to make sure you all know that we have not changed into active, social dogs or anything just because there are tons of potential playmates running around our new apartment. We still love to lay on the couch and sleep 23 hours a day.

I am doing a real number on the couches.

We also enjoy lounging around reading magazines.

A little bit of butt snuggling never hurt anypug.
Here's to Looking at You With Both Eyes,
/s/ Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug


Lucy said...

Man, your new apartment complex is like disneyland for dogs! Good work in the ring cossette.

Nevis said...

Fantastic battle royale, Cossie. And adorable snugglebunny pictures of you guys sleeping on the couch. :)

Harry Pugalicious said...

That Delilah is really cute! Not as cute as you, Cosette - but cute! Good work keeping her in line.

Puddleglum said...

Glad to hear more from you, Cosette! I love your name: Les Miserables is my mom and dad's fave book and musical. And trust me, as much as they consume both, that's saying a lot!

BTW, I nominated you for an award!

Jeff said...

Ha! It is not crazy to buy clothing for Pugs, it's a requirement. Prince Silk, our furry child, insists on wearing some type of clothing all the time, either a shirt, vest or bandana. He'll even get them out of the clean clothes when he really wants to wear something in particular.

Shannon said...

Aw Cossette, you just keep getting bigger and bigger at every entry! Poor Winston is going to have a pup his own size hanging around soon!

ronin the pug said...

Heeeeeeeeeey guuuuys! So long time has passed since I saw you bloggie! This human of mine... always busy, always gone! Cossie you are sooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeee!!!!
How are you Winston?

Hugs and kisses!

Lex said...

Haha you aren't crazy.. Indy has random pieces of clothing too! And they are so hard to buy for.. Indy still can't fit into a normal harness.. she is s-m. :)

Cossette is getting big and that puppy is so cute! I'm glad there is lots of social activities at the new place! :)

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

You are certainly a cute one! That Delilah isn't bad looking either :)

Clover said...

Aw Cosette, you and Delilah are so cute playing together!! Nice win. :)
Love Clover xo

Sparky said...

The clothing thing is the same for puggles as well. I pee on every shirt or sweater my mama throws on me because they are just too long. She'll never learn.