Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Hot Weekend in Seattle
Me and the Stray had an interesting weekend here. It consisted of running around the house and crowding our parents whenever they opened the fridge so that we could get a brief respite from what was otherwise miserable weather.

This weekend, it was HOT in Seattle, and Cosette and I layed around trying to chill out.

We also got some playing in. We re-discovered one of our very first favorite toys.

Here we are a few months ago, back when Cosette first came home, playing with the same toy. The toy looks a little worse for wear, but there aren't many other differences, are there?

Well, okay, I guess Cosette has gotten a little bit bigger.

Back to today - notice how much more of the bed she takes up!

Despite the fact that she is a constant and inexcusable annoyance, sometimes it is not so bad having a stray around. We were having a great weekend, but then an "incident" threatened to undo all the weekend fun-ness.

"Threatened to ruin" the weekend is an understatement, the rest of the weekend was ruined by Cosette. We tried to go to the dog park and go swimming in the lake - see, I don't love the dog park but I do like swimming, especially when it is hot outside. But our fun was cut short when Cosette stepped on a bee and got stung. She let out a howl of pain. Here she is showing her saddest sad face. She is okay now, but of course my parents rushed her to the emergency room vet, and I got stuck home all alone for three hours. No fun.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Your stray is growing!! She sure is a cute stray. I'd certainly keep her.

Lex said...

She sure is growing! It sucks she ruined your weekend and I hope she is feeling better!
Misfit got stung by a bee one time and I got to hold his paw in cold water, what a joy that was!!

Nevis said...

She is getting so much bigger! But I'm also glad to hear that she's doing well after being stung by the bee. That must have been very confusing for her. And stressful for you guys! ((hugz))

Lucy said...

What do they do at the emergency room for a pug stung by a bee? Antihystamines? Lucy had an allergic reaction to something and we had to take her to the emergency room, I wonder if it was a bee...

Anonymous said...

Winston you are a wonderful big pugbrother.