Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oldies but Goodies
I am very loyal to all of my toys. Some of my favorite BFFs today are toys that were here for me on the first day I came to my forever home. Like my strawberry, and Alberto Gonzalez the original; two toys my loyal reader has heard about a lot.

My Parents used to have this comforter. As you can see, I was very comfortable lying around and sleeping on it. It was also like a toy to me. I spent many enjoyable evenings chewing holes in it, like I do with my other toys. Then one day, for reasons I do not know, my parents brought home a new comforter. They threw this old one on the floor while they were putting the new one on the bed, and I immediately started nesting in the old comforter on the floor, and made a bed out of it. My Parents thought I looked too cute to take the comforter away from me, so for several weeks I got to lay on the old comforter on the floor, and I got to keep on digging in it and chewing holes in it to my hearts content. Then today my Mommy took the old comforter away. I was very concerned, of course, because I never enjoy losing a toy.

Then, tonight, my Mommy gave this tiny little blanket. After a few sniffs, I realized it was the old comforter, only it shrunk!

I was okay with it being smaller, because it still smells the same and is still just as comfortable to lay on, and even better now I can drag it all over the house.

So that's what I did all night - ran around the house dragging my new blanket with me.

Here is another toy that was here waiting for me on my first day home. Back then, it was almost as big as me!

Now I am a little bit bigger, but that is the same cow, and it is still one of my favorite BFFs.

I sure do love my toys!

Snarf Everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Anonymous said...

just wait until you have to share your toys with the stray!

Good luck, Buddy, you are going to need it!

Nevis said...

Winston you're so cute!

I have a similar ratty old comforter that my pugs LOVE to lay on. And pee on. Due to this, it has since been relegated as a "pug" blanket due to it's impossible to keep it clean since they constantly want to pee on it.

Lynn said...

You and that blanket were a hoot! What a smart mommy you have to save you part of that honkin' big comforter just for you. You are so lucky to have a mommy like her. I know your mommy, she is special (and not like the short bus special, either).

The Snick said...

Right on Winston! I have a barely-recognizable chicken that I refuse to lose. I figure I have another two good years of chewing to do on that chicken.

Suki Sumo said...

My dog, Winston. I just realized how handsome you are! And your mom's idea to make the comforter smaller is genius.

ladypug said...

that is pretty impressive, Winston. Most of my puggies' toys from their wee-days are long gone due to various forms of torture and annihilation. Winston does have the one toy that his breeder mom gave us with him -it's a tug-giraffe with a squeaker at the end. He doesn't get to play with it much, though, because I say it has special sentimental value. Like your comforter!

TwoPugs said...

That was nice of your mommy to turn her old comforter into a perfect sized pug comforter. We wish our mommy would do that with ALL the blankies on our parents' bed.

Pug snorts from,
Pearl & Daisy

Daddy said...

With the exception of Cosette you are the cutest puggy in the world. You should also be aware that I have told your Mommy to cut that comforter down to size for months. It is nice that she got around to it but suspicious that she would do it at a time when I am not able to recieve any credit for the idea.