Monday, April 28, 2008

A Humanitarian at Heart
I know that some of you may be wondering why I have gone easy on the stray. The truth is that I, despite a totalitarian streak that belies my petite stature (by human standards), have a soft side. In much that same way that kind hearted people adopt stray children, I have taken to adopting a stray that is in need of a good home ... and who my parents made clear would be staying even if the house became a "one dog home" again. I took the last line to be a subtle eviction threat.

This is Daddy doing what he always does with stoopid puppies. She is quite a porker!

This is a kiss-a-trois between Daddy, the stray, and myself.

The potential usefulness that I previously spoke of is already coming to fruition. This is an awesome game of tug-o-war that we got into. Naturally I won since I am a striking physical specimen by any standards.

VICTORY!!!!! Look as the pain of losing rips the inner soul of the loser (right, with pink collar).

This is the rematch that I allowed her to show that my first victory was no fluke.

After a long 15 minutes of playing, it was time for a nap. Being the good brother I am, I made sure Cosette was tucked in and comfortable before I went to sleep.

What is not shown is the little brat waking up and taking a nice bite out of the strange hairy rope lying upon her chest. I yelped and then sought refuge atop a higher perch (the back of the couch).

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[Mommy's note: Sorry for the talking in the background of this video. It has nothing to do with what is going on in the video, but someone didn't tell me he was filming a video so I was blabbering away]
Snarf everydog later,
Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
And the Stray


Leah said...

Ohhhh, she is SOOOO cute!

Pug and Bugg said...

Hi Winston- I tagged you (and the stray- sorry) in our meme. Thanks for checking it out!

-Sophie (and Dixie, who is sort of like my stray.)

Christine & Giggs said...

Cosette is very sweet and it will be very hard not to melt over her. I think you'll turn into a super big brother Winston. Just think, someone to blame things on!

Nevis said...

Cosette is terribly adorable, but no one could replace you in our hearts, Winston. After all, you are quite a striking physical specimen.

Suki Sumo said...

I think you really love that stray! I'm not sure how I feel about her because mom keeps squealing "SHE'S SO CAYOOOT!" Blah blah blah... My ears hurt.


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I'm actually pretty jealous of you Winston. You can bring her up in the ways of the Pug and teach her to do your bidding. How awesome. She can be the "fall pug" from now on. Who pooped on the floor? Must have been Cossette!!

ladypug said...

Those pictures of you sleeping on the couch with your sissy are touching to the untrained eye. I, however, know that you are actually trying to strangle her with your tail.
Good try, Winston...

Clover said...

AWWWW! My mom is going into cuteness overload. She can't get enough of those pics of the two of you! I think she likes your new sister better than she likes me. :(
Love Clover xo

Le Mops said...

i wonder why your stray is sooo dark! I lobe mah older brother, so i'm sure cosette loves you. You should be nicer to her than chewie is to me!
Le Mops

Pug Mommy said...

She is such a doll! They are playing so well together and sleeping together. I think you guys hit a home run, they look like a great match for each other.