Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Lost! I Was Robbed!!!
I lost "best working dog" to a German Shepard with a backpack. The Judge said it was because I did not schmooze with him when he came over to meet me. Silly me, I thought that merit would determine the winner. My parents tell me that it is an honor just to be nominated but the bitter taste of an underserved defeat continues to pollute my mouth ... along with the stinkbug I ate before my parents could react.

This is me sticking my tongue out at defeat.

This is the display of prizes, and you can see the runway and the crowd in the background. This is as close as I got to the prizes.

Here's an action shot of me and Mommy working the runway. Sorry it's blurry, that's Daddy's fault.

Here we are on the runway with the judge and my competition. I could have sworn I had it in the bag by this point.

Here are the ten winners, notice that I am not up there. That huge german shephard with the backpack on is the one who beat me.

There were lots of other dogs at the event, and we had some time to mingle before the show. This is Winston (hereinafter "the fake," to avoid confusion). He is a bona fide 30 pound pug.

This is "the fake" with his Dad. They won first place for best pet/owner lookalike.

Winston "the fake" did not seem overly impressed by their win.

These were Winston's two chihuahuah siblings.

Here are a couple more pugs. You may remember them from their picture, where they were sitting together on a big tractor. They did not make the finals... losers.

This is a bulldog. I am told that this is the way that all of them look.

This is another dog with strange eyes. This condition makes me feel a certain kinship to him.

This is a portable mop, I have no idea why its owners brought it but they may be the custodial contractors or something.

This is recovering from the shock of my loss. Me and Mommy were sure that my looks and her wearing of her "Pug Power" sweatshirt would make us shoo-ins. I apologize to my fans for failing, let us regroup and perhaps we shall try again next year.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Oh Winston, I'm so sorry you were robbed. Perhaps your parents didn't know that you need to grease the judge's palm a bit. German Shepherds are known for their cheating and bribery. I'm sure that is why you lost.

Anonymous said...

Hey winston i am sure you did your best and i should know since i been through how you feel but this time around i made it to the nationals so don't give up hope at least you won the contest in the paper how many german shepards could say that or bark that

Peanut said...

You were definetly robbed. How could you not win? That is not right.

Christine & Giggs said...

Too bad Winston! I think the German Shepherd may have used intimidation tactics on the judges. They're such bullies.

Pedro said...

Sorry to hear that you were robbed!! Don't let it discourage you though, there are tons of photo contests for you to win! My Mom just told me last week that I am in a calender! I can't wait to see if I win anything else!
Good Luck!

Frances Louise said...

Highway robbery, indeed! I think we need to send the judge a pair of spectacles because he is obviously blind.

Suki Sumo said...

Boo! You were totally robbed. Pugs are far superior to German Shepards. Judges are so lame. In my book you are the number 1 working dog.

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

Awe, darn. You should have won. The judges not know what they be missing.

Four Pugz

Oscar said...

Oh Winston. I am so sorry that you lost, to a german shephard no doubt. I am surprised though that you did not use your pug charm to woo the judges. We voted for you. Better luck next time! At least you did your best!

Panda said...

Awww Winston, I'm so sorry you didn't win. That German Shepherd is not nearly as cute as you! He doesn't even have a squishy face.

Pug Mommy said...

Sorry you didn't win but you would have if you could have brought your computer as a prop with you. If it makes you feel better, we got gypped at the Petco Halloween contest by someone you brought a matching kid WITH the dog. Don't worry, you are 10 times cuter than the German Shephard.

LMizzle said...

Oh I love it! I love that you ordered those sweatshirts!!!