Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Parents Say That They Are Vindicated (whatever that means)-you can click on the link to read the whole story, and thanks to Arliss for the heads up

Dog Breeders Issue Massive Recall Of 07 Pugs

The Onion

Dog Breeders Issue Massive Recall Of '07 Pugs

WASHINGTON, DC—While pug owners are accustomed to chronic dog malfunction, the latest animals are prone to more than the usual overheating, seizures, and joint failure.


Oscar said...

I should have you know, that my Mother actually thought that article was legit. Although, in her defense, while she was reading the article she was distractedly talking on the phone.

I say, that's funny. I barely make that recall list!

Rickey Henderson said...

Ha! The article says it all!


LMizzle said...

Someone else thought this article was legit, and just posted a quote, to which I was horrified. Then I clicked on the link and realized that I am retarded.