Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Pugs of Pugapalooza
As promised, I now shall display the remainder of the Pugapalooza pictures. There were just too many pictures for a pug to put in one post, but it fits nicely in two.

This is a pug being a pug. [Parents' note: Winston means this pug thinks it's a person- a round person that does not know how to use a toilet like a civilized being- yet somehow it believes it is superior to the standard people with jobs.]

Here is my friend Tater Tot. He is the little half brother of my first real dog BFF, Oliver.

Here is Tater Tot with my Daddy.

This is Daddy, some random 12 week old puppy named Hana, and three of Daddy's chins (I'm a little annoyed that he gives random puppies so much attention).

This is Louie. He reminded me of me, in that he likes hiding on my Daddy's feet and that he doesn't care that my Daddy is a stranger.

This Pugo Villa. We talked for a while because it turns out that we are both related to Poncho de la Pug, the great pug revolutionary who established a utopian pug redoubt one afternoon in the mountains outside Guadalajara; but I digress.

This is a random puggle that looked quite cute in her little dress.

This would be Daddy's dream dog if she were a black pug. I forget her name but she is 2 years old, 15 pounds, loves to be carried like a baby, and gives great kisses...I don't like her.

This is Dorothy.

This is the Tin Man, and in the background is the Scarecrow. They refused to pose with Dorothy. The Lion was taking nap in the car. [Parents' note: Winston is telling the truth, the lion was taking a nap in the car, too cute.]

Uh, Mommy, WHAT is going on here??!

These are really rocking looking grendel pugs. My parents actually think they look a little creepy.

This is pickle, who is quite originally dressed as a pickle.

I am not making this up. This is a "mini cafe (with a line over the "e") puggaccino" stand.

These are some puggies dressed in hula outfits.

This is a pug, sharpei mix (sharpug). I'm not making these guys up either.

This is a little puppy sharpug.

These are a couple of pugs dressed as sharks.

And finally, here is the cutest pug of the whole pugapalooza...oh wait, that's me. This post was audited by impartial judges from Authur Anderson, so I guess this is objective proof that I actually am the cutest dog in all the world, or Seattle, whatever.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Oscar said...

NO fair! I wish we had a pugapalooza! It looks like fun!

Ronin_The_Pug said...

Winston, you are smiling in the last picture! Cute!

LMizzle said...

I loved the shark pugs and the bandito pug!

Panda's mom said...

You look so happy Winston!


Suki said...

Those shar-pugs were scary. I almost thought that first one was fake!

Puggy kisses

Suki said...

Hey Winston's parents,
I know you guys are either lawyers or you're studying to pass the bar, I'm not sure, and I know laws are different in each state, but if you have time (it's a long post) would you mind reading what I wrote on my blog last night? Maybe you guys would have some insight into veterinary malpractice, or at least about checks or something. Mom's going to visit a lawyer next week, but she's really wanting some opinions right away. Thanks, guys!
Puggy kisses
Suki (& Katy, too)

Duke & Gidget said...

Looks like good times. We're bummed we missed it. You sure look happy in that last pic Winston!

Anonymous said...

Winston, you have the best posts! I always enjoy reading about your adventures. I have to agree with Suki, those shar-pugs were odd. Further proof that not everyone should mix with a pug. Besides pugs rule just as they are. Keep up the great posts!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Looks like you had fun, Winston. I don't think I've ever seen a sharpug before.

Maria said...

The pugapalooza rocked! There seems to be no limit to general pug cuteness and to particular winstonian appeal. Next year we all expect you to win at least three trials (preferably the ones you ... hmm ... how should I put it... did not consider worthy of your interest this year).

And since your dad seems to take an undifferenciated liking to all cute pugs, check out http://sachithepug.blogspot.com/. The pacifier entry is hilarious. You may also find a new belle to fancy, even if she is already 2 years old.

PS: Keep those posts rolling!!!!

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Happy Barkday Winston - I hope you have a wonderful day full of treats and pressies :)


Snowball said...

Hi Winston,

I saw that its your barkday today on the DWB event calendar. So here I am to wish you a Happy Barkday. I hope you have a great day with lots of extra love and treats.

Once again, Happy Barkday, Winston!

Luv and licks,

Momo :) said...

Hi and nice to meet you Winston. Initially I thought I should come by and say Happy Barkday when I saw DWB Event Calender! :) Maybe you have two Barkdays?? :)

I love all these photos I wish I were there. Yes, you're the cutest, Winston!!

Momo xoxo

You like Hardrock? My mom makes me listen to Metallica!

Freda said...


Do you reeeallys have 1,2 1,2 (2) B-Days? I'm dazed and confused. But since we age faster than humans, I think we are entitled to several B-Days every years. Cooools!

Anyways, hope you get lots of treats and licks and stuffs.


Freda Ƨ

Lorenza said...

Hi, Winston.
Happy Birthday!
I wish you the best!
Have a nice day.

Suki said...

Hey Winston,
How strange that you two Winstons would get mixed up! When you click on your name on the DWB calendar, it even has the link to your blog!

Hmmm...maybe you are leading a double life and I am the only other to know? I bet the trips between Seattle and Calgary are wearing you out, huh? ;)

Puggy kisses

LMizzle said...

Ruh roh! I'll have to figure out why my Winston got mixed into your blog's link! Oops!

Winston had a really good barkday though!