Sunday, June 08, 2008

Not So Tough After All
My parents have been going on and on about how Cosette was going to be a little social butterfly and make me look bad at the pug meetups and so forth. Well, we went to a pug meetup this weekend and, for the few moments my parents would put her on the ground, her performance was less than awe-inspiring. Matter of fact, she reminded my parents of another "cowardly" pug. I think they meant me.

This is Mai-Tai. She is my half-brother Wonton's new little sister. She is just a few days younger than the stray.

Although it is hard to tell, she is actually a lot fatter and stockier than the Stray.

She is also a lot braver than the Stray. This is her chasing the Stray while the Stray flees with her tail uncurled.

The Stray going totally submissive for the little pup.

The Stray getting her butt completely kicked.

I won this great prize by guessing how many treats were in a jar. I am an expert at knowing how many treats are available for me to eat in any given location. Unfortuntately, I didn't get any treats, but I did get this cool rope and ball toy that is great for playing tug of war with Cosette.

We also got these horrible party hats - as you can see I did not enjoy these very much.

And we got two great presents. Here we are opening one. Cosette was much more interested in the paper and the box than in the toy that was inside. She is still learning.

This is the Stray back to her outgoing and aggressive self.

This is me waiting patiently for my turn to the eat box. My turn would be spoiled by my mean Mommy, who took the box away.

I was able to enjoy the toys all to myself. This is the awesome elephant that I got.

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Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
PS- the only reason the Stray had so many pictures today was because most of them involved her being humiliated and put in her place!!


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Those are some great photos, particularly the ones of the stray getting her butt kicked. LOL. Silly stray.

Nevis said...

ADORABLE photos! And I love the video! Love the line, "she's still learning"...

Wilson & Henry said...

The video is so great! What a huge stock pile of toys. You are some lucky pugs

TwoPugs said...

Those pug puppy pictures are making Mommy want another puppy (we just have remind her how little sleep she got when Daisy came though).

Those are some super duper photos! We love the one with the stray biting on some ribbon. It's quite the action shot!

Pug snorts from,
Pearl & Daisy

Oscar said...

Wow. You really shouldn't post such cute photos of baby pugs. It makes my Mom want to bring home a puppy....Not fair!

The Snick said...

Hey Winston -- you and the stray might think about entering this contest. Maybe not the "Best working pet" category, but you can probably make a run at "cutest pet couple":

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