Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Grand Duke's Question Time
I received several questions from a few of my loyal readers, and I shall now address them.

Question 1, from Goodboy Norman Featherstone: Do your people ever blame their farts on you, and if so, what do you do in retaliation?

Answer: Yes, Daddy constantly blames me for his gassy misdeeds. His lies are made all the more believable by the fact that the stray and I also have bad gas. I subscribe the the "if you are going to blame me for it I may as well do it" train of thought; so I wait for my parents to get their heads close together and then I fart in both their faces. Sometimes cannot be dealt with together so I address each of them seperately.

Question 2, from twopugs: How do you say hello to people?


Winston's answer: This picture illustrates the way I say hello to the dogs I want to play with. I also love to kiss people, except during sanctioned kissing contests.

Question 3, from twopugs: What's the naughtiest thing you've ever done?

Answer: One time I ate Daddy's homework...

...but that wasn't nearly as bad as the time I ate the Chinese take-out menu.

Question 4, from twopugs: If you had a time travel machine, where would you visit, and why?

Answer: I would visit the Doggie Diner. I would need a time travel machine for this because I would have to go back in time to the good old days before Cosette came around. I am not nearly spoiled enough to be taken to the Doggie Diner now that she is here, stealing all my attention.

Question 5, from Winston and Clementine: Do you have a particular namesake?

Cosette's answer: My full name is Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug. My first name, Cosette, is from Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. Cosette is the little girl with the hard upbrining who ends up a spoiled young woman with everything she could ever want. That is all me, minus the hard upbringing.

My middle name is after Stephen Colbert, who is rumored to be my biological father.

My last name is after Napoleon Bonaparte. Our big bellies look very similar!

Winston's answer: I am named after Winston Churchill. Looking at that face, the reason is obvious.
See? I am a dead ringer.
Question 6, from Nevis: What's your favorite "human food" snack.

Answer: This was a very difficult question, and I could not narrow it down to a single snack. In addition to the snacks pictured below, I also love peanut butter and cheese. Here I am enjoying ice cream.

I also love starbucks frappacinos...

...and salad...

...and crumbs from dirty dishes...

...and beer...

...and cookies. As for Cosette, she has not yet mastered the "I'm so cute you can't resist giving me a bite of anything you are eating" face, so she does not get human food unless she manages to steal a crumb from the ground. She can't even reach the dishwasher to get to the good crumbs. Her favorite snack in the mean time is my food. I hope that this has shed some light onto who we are.
Snarf everdog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
and Cosette the Stray


Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Great Q&A!

Rachel said...

Thanks for answering our question! You and my Winston have the same namesake, but we went with "Clementine" to keep it in the family. Great choice with Cossette, though - I love all things literary inspired :)

Lucy said...

That first picture that goes along with the farting is all time, great post.

Nevis said...

Ha ha ha! you're so funny Winston!

TwoPugs said...

Winston, you make us laugh. Thanks for answering our questions.

Pug snorts from,
Pearl & Daisy