Sunday, January 20, 2008

I feel like I am entering middle age. As I do so I often find myself reflecting back upon the past, and memories of long ago.

This Day in Pug History, January 21, 2007, I was at a pug meetup. Here, me and my buddy Oliver sit for a treat. I am the one with the bigger fat roles. When looking through my old pictures to find one for my 'this day in history' segment, I started reminiscing on some other cool places I have gone in the past.

Here I am at the Doggie Diner. That was my one and only trip there, although I do not know why, I mean look at how good I am being!

Yummy dogbiscuits covered in gravy!!!

Here I am at the Animal Planet Expo. I did not like this part very much... My parents said that I made an adorable alien.

But I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the ice cream cone!!
Here I am in a big field about an hour outside of Seattle, at an Easter egg hunt. I especially loved jumping through the long grass. It would have been nice if they had served ice cream, but it was still fun. Hopefully I will go to another one of these in a couple of months.

One problem with going places is that I have to leave the couch. Here I am hiding from my Daddy who was trying to take me outside. This picture is NOT old, it was taken a few days ago. I do love loungin in my soft toy box.

I do love sleeping. If only I could eat ice cream in my sleep I would never have to wake up!
Snarf everdog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Clover said...

Hi Winston!
Thanks for sharing more memories of you growing up. You got to go to a doggie diner - that is so cool! I also have a problem leaving the couch, or my toys. My parents think I am the only dog in the world who runs away from her leash...
Love Clover xo

Libby said...

Tell your Daddy to either call or email his friends in Texas. We want to hear from him.


Pug Mommy said...

That was a good trip down memory lane, maybe we will do that too. You are as cute now as you were then!

Frances Louise said...

Wow - you have been to some cool places Winston. I like the Easter Egg hunt with the ice cream (one of my favorite foods I might add). And the Doggie Diner -- too funny!

Le Mops said...

You've been so many good places! I'll need to try that ice creams

Le Mops