Monday, November 03, 2008

A Final Word From Both Campaigns
First of all, sorry for the lack of posts. There is no excuse except that Winston has been constantly throwing up and having diarrhea, and my parents have been racing to clean up the aforementioned stuff, while also keeping a certain black puglet from eating either or both. But now I give you the Cosette Colbert Report greatest journalstic moment. Here is the question I must ask both Candidates: "Senators Obama and McCain, if elected (imagine really hard in McCain's instance) what will you do to further pugs' rights in the world?"

(This is me doing my serious journalist photo-op. This is like when other journalists are cut to nodding with a pen folded in their hand, which is upon their chin. I want to be like Katie Couric, only I want to be taken seriously.)

(This is Elle, the Republican spokeswoman. Even in professional environments I must introduce myself and check their indentity.) Elle the Elephant: Senator McCain has always reached his paws across the crates to try to bridge the gaps between breeds. While he has always preferred large breeds with short tempers and small brains, like Pit-Bulls and Palins, he has also tolerated the presence of lesser dogs like pugs. This tolerance is the true hallmark of a maverick, yet he will provide the tough love that lesser breeds need in this most difficult of times.

I did not care for her answer to be quite honest.

(Now to Donald the Donkey, the Democratic spokesman.) Senator Obama also values the presence of pugs, despite the fact that they are intellectually quite deficient. Matter of fact, the Senator finds them to be just plain dumb and fails to see what they contribute to society at large. However, he too would happily tolerate them until such time as all paws can join together and bring the change that is really necessary, but he has much better things to do with his time that lose sleep over the welfare of pampered, dimwitted dogs of questionable utility. Matter of Senator says they are just dumb I mention that he thinks they are dumb? But would be tolerated...probably.

Me and Donny here are gonna have a talk, and I have to be honest I have heard nothing about pug-rights this whole campaign. This is how I lobby for pug-rights.
Here's lookin' at you with two eyes,
Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug
[Note: Cosette Colbert was recently named Chief Lobbyist for PIA, a shadowy pug rights organization]


Duncan said...

Sorry to hear the Grand Duke Winston has been sick. We had a similar illness with our pug in the summer of last year. It turned out to be a pretty serious stomach virus, but with proper pampering she got through it.

Of course when she was better she still expected the pampering.

Hope His Highess feels better soon.

Nevis said...

Sorry to hear about Winston's illness! I would think you would enjoy Ayatollah mugsy's website...have you ever visited it??

Pug Mommy said...

Great post Cosette. I am glad to know that someone is looking out for the best interest of pugs.

PS. I love your bumble bee costume.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I had hoped for a better response from Obama's camp. Now McCain's camp gave the expected response, because after all, he does support Palin's and all, but Obama. Come on!

Lucy said...

Seems like a lot of puggies are under the weather these days, but Cosette - that is no reason to eat poop and puke. I am not really one to talk though, when my mother and father's friend threw up in the bushes last weekend I thought Christmas had come early.

Clover said...

Cosette, I loved the pictures of you interviewing Elle and Donald. :)
Sorry to hear Winston has been sick - hope he is better now!
Love Clover xo