Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Great Blizzard of '08
I wanted to prove to my loyal fans that there had in fact been a blizzard here in Seattle severe enough to make an Inuit cringe.

This is me and the Stray trying to "do our business." It became really difficult for about a week. Several times I was tempted to just give up, but then Daddy would have gotten mad and Mommy would have had a terrible mess to clean up.

In all honesty, it was almost a little fun at first to take in this new stuff. I had seen snow before, but never this much.

The me and the Stray decided to try our luck bounding through it, and it was a little fun.

Then we kept bounding and bounding, but my feet started getting cold and I began to realize that this stuff really sucked non-castrated testicles.

The Stray, being dumb and happy just kept running around like a fool.

She allowed Mommy to put a jacket on her to keep her warm.

I practically begged her to stop playing so that we could get inside. I should have just TOLD her we were going inside.

Upon returning to the warmth of the house, I took my comfy position upon Mommy's lap. My parents didn't have to go to work for almost two weeks due to snow/Christmas holiday.

Here is a little puggy snow playtime.

Snarf Everydog later,

Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Sandy said...

What a great yard you have to play in! I am amazed at how well you can get around in that snow--we people are more hampered by the snow. My mom (Shoreline) hasn't been out of her building for at least two weeks.

Lex said...

ahh yes the great snow fall.. it has been crazy here and we got another 6 inches last night!

Glad you and the stray are handling being out and about in it.
It takes Indy forever to go to the bathroom now.. but they love racing around in it!

Nevis said...

Great video and photos! You should definatly have just told her what to do, Winston. Aren't you the boss?

Rachel said...

wow - we are super jealous of your snow and puggy play time :(

Lynn said...

Soooooo Cute!!!!

McDizzle said...

Hey! It's Kbean; I've just changed my name. I've also got a new blog, so that's why I'm commenting to let you know the new address.

Lucy said...

Awesome video Winston, you guys truck around pretty good. The stray is pretty sly letting you do the majority of plowing, she's lucky to have a pug around the house with your muscles and girth. I was in the snow this week as well and find that leaving "presents" on the walk ways is a big hit!

Clover said...

Hi guys!
Happy new year! Sorry to hear you got snowed in. I bet Cosette and I would have the BEST time running around and playing in the snow together!
Love Clover xo

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Where is YOUR jacket? You're going to catch a cold running around in the snow nude!!

Nevis said...

Miss you guys!