Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My New Squirrels
My parents felt bad about all the fawning over the stray recently, referring to her as "their little champion" and "their winner" and their "pug that isn't a loser"; I should mention that most of the mocking came from Mommy, anyways they decided to buy me an awesome toy.

I call it the wussy stupid squirrel toy. See, all the squirrels hide from me, so they're wusses, and they are smart enough to run once I get my mouth on them, so they're stupid. That said, it is lots of fun getting them out and running around the house with them in my mouth.

It's fun, please ignore that black rat in thre foreground.

This picture was meant to show off the squirrels, not the stray. I did not notice her in there when I picked this picture.

This is me having a good ole time with my squirrels.

This is the stray trying to steal my toy but she was unsuccessful and pummelled for having the temerity to attempt such a theft in broad daylight.

This is me with one of my three new bestest friends.

This is me trying to use the stray's head to gain leverage on the squirrel.

This is a picture of one of the squirrels and the carpet .... and nothing else. [Parents' note: the pugs are still getting along great, but Winston does seem a little jealous of Cosette ever since she won the kissing contest, but he is not jealous enough to stop playing with her.]
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Christine & Giggs said...

Awww! I wanna see a picture of Cosette IN the squirrel stump (it looks like she'd fit).

Nevis said...

Cosette IN the squirrel stump?? I love it! Sounds like a wonderful entry into PUG BOWL 2008.

Lucy said...

Where can you buy the squirrel stump? I would love to see lucy play with that!

Pug and Bugg said...

Hi Winston! And the stray!

We are doing a really fun contest over here at Pug & Bugg. It's called SOPHIE'S NEXT PUG MODEL! Check it out at this link:

Hope you will be joining us! You can go head to head with the Stray and see who wins. Tell alllll your friends!


Sophie and Dixie

Winston's Mommy said...

As soon as I took the squirrel stump out of the box, my first thought was 'I bet Cosette will fit in there ... I wonder if Winston will pull her out'. But unfortunately the openings are too small, and they have kind of tight, non-stretchy fabric around them, I am guessing so that the squirrels don't just fall out on their own. I was very dissapointed, as I'm sure all of you are. Maybe when the pugs destroy the stump a little more I will be able to shove her in there. Stay tuned.

Clover said...

AW! So cute.
Winston, that is my most favourite toy!! I know you will get hours of enjoyment out of it like I did.
Love Clover xo

TwoPugs said...

You know, Winston, we think you might like the stray a little more than you're letting on. Maybe you even - gasp - love her.

Just saying.

Happy pug snorts!
Pearl & Daisy