Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back by popular demand - pictures of me with a stick!
An aside- Days like this remind me that People should always keep heart because good will find a way to overcome, even if it does take 12 years and a pointless war.

I figured out that if I find a stick that isn't too big to fit in the front door, I can sneak it inside!

The covert operation to bring this stick inside worked perfectly - Daddy didn't even notice! He just took pictures of me like he normally does, while I sneaked the stick around the house.

This is a picutre of me trying to eat a stick that I now realize was WAY too big for me. This was a few weeks ago, before a bunch of sticks my size fell onto the ground.

This is me and Mommy sleeping. Attacking those sticks makes me tired!

Well, I killed my lion! The bad news is, now that I finally got to that stuff inside the lion that I love to eat (Mommy calls it fuzz), Mommy and Daddy took my lion away! Now I know how Duke and Gidget feel when they get their hamburgers taken away. Hopefully I will be getting a new lion, and hopefully I can get to the insides of it before Mommy and Daddy find it.

This is me in my moose costume, with my Grandma from Texas. I was very excited to have her, my Grandpa, and my Aunt and Uncle, come visit because they played with me and gave me lots of treats! I heart visitors!

This is me and Grandma, me in my police outfit ... again.

And here is the obligatory cute face picture...

And another one.

(Normally I would say "Snarf everyone later" but Mommy won't let me.)

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth


Pug Mommy said...

Hi Winston! Good job on your covert stick inside the house mission. Also, congratulations on getting to the 'guts' of your first toy. Napoleon says to tell you the quickest way to the stuffing/guts is through the eye on the toy.

Duke & Gidget said...

You mean your Mom & Dad didn't rush right out and get you another Lion? We are outraged! We have considered going on a hunger strike to show our solidarity with you and our utter disgust with your Mom & Dad, but we like to eat too much. So instead, we have decided that Duke will have a little surprise for your Mom & Dad at the next meetup. Tell them to be very afraid.....

Duke & Gidget said...

We just had to add that we normally don't like to get political on our blog, but regarding your opening paragraph, all we can say is YEAH BABY! YEEEEEE HAAAAAAA!!! OK, now we will go back to being apolitical.

libby said...

winston, you are growing too fast! tell your mommy and daddy to come visit texas with you before you get too big!

Grandma said...

I think Libby has a good idea. Winston you need to come visit us. You and I look so cute. Love you, had to come early to work because I have a cut and I am getting off early. Love & Kisses. Be sure & make a Christmas list for me so that I can forward to Santa.

Anonymous said...

Winston you are such a cutie. bringing back many memories when Bandit was just a wee pup. He loved sticks too!

Yeah, like Duke and Gidget need a new lion!