Monday, May 04, 2009

Announcing: The 2009 Pug Gala!!
The infamous pug gala is this Saturday, May 9!

Cosette will be defending her kissing championship, and looking to improve her 2008 record of 102 kisses in 60 seconds.

The pug gala benefits Seattle Pug Rescue, so even if you are not interested in witnessing the reigning Pug Kissing Champion, you should come, it's for a good cause! Not everyone can be a pug foster parent, but everyone can help a foster pug!!

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth and Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug (this is a rare team post - only for a good cause)


Nevis said...

Go Cossette!!!

A Tail of 2 Doggies said...

Have fun - we don't have any pug groups where we live, so be sure to get photo's so we can join in the fun!

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh how fun! i will get to meet you!

if you get a chance, please stop by our booth (Pug Notes)and say hi!

:) melissa

Shannon said...

Daisy and I will be there! She'll be in her pink dog stroller (she's an old gal now, she deserves to be pushed around in a chariot), keep your eye out for her and say hi!

Puglette said...

ollie will be accepting the challenge...ollie and his dad have a bro-mance and have been practicing. watch out cossette, ollie is going to win!!

Miles said...

Dig deep and kick butt cossette!

Anonymous said...

May 04! Are you kidding me?

C.l.o.v.e.r. said...

Hi Winston and Cosette!
I have missed you! I am back with a new blog and a new brother (but he is not a puppy, he is older than me!) - please come by if you get a chance. If you would like to link to me, can you please list me as ``Sunshine and Mud Puddles``

Dutch said...

Hello Winston! My mommie and I just wanted to introduce ourselves. My mommie came upon your blog when she was researching pugs prior to my arrival. She had no idea about pug blogs and yours was the very first she read. Well needless to say she fell in love with pug blogs and now I have my very own! We just wanted to officially follow you and say thanks!
-Dutch the Pug!!!

PUGinbucharest said...

Rollo Tamasi said...

5 months without a post. What gives? Cat got your tongue? Or have you finally seen the error of your hubris?