Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Cosette Colbert Report
We interrupt the normally scheduled broadcast to announce that my brother won this week's Project Dogway. Scroll down to see my big bro's ugly mug. [Mommy's note: Winston is very handsome.]

Here's lookin' at you with two eyes,
Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug


Sandra y Coco said...

congratulations Winston! (don't listen to Cosette, you are not ugly!)

Rachel said...

Congrats, Winston. Our contest judges on pure creativity as opposed to looks - so in either event, you are still the champion! Great job!

Puddleglum said...

Nicely done, Winston! You rock!

Lynn said...

I've always LOVED that photo of him in the cone. I "stole" it way back then and it resides in my "Winston"folder.
Give my love to the babies!
A. Lynn

Nevis said...

You totally deserved it, Winston!!!