Sunday, July 06, 2008

Holiday Weekend
This weekend, we were so happy to have our parents home for three days, with nothing to do other than play with us. They also put lots of things in boxes. Something about moosing. I have no idea why humans do such random and crazy things.

This is me and the Stray just chillin' a little over the weekend.

While I was distracted she tried to sneak in what my parents refer to as a "sisterly kiss." She is a little freak.

We played a lot of ball. In case you forgot, this is my favorite pastime.

The Stray's fetching abilities are coming along nicely.

We got delicious Frosty Paws to cool us during the warm periods of the long weekend.

We had to be separated to eat our Frosty Paws because if she has half a chance, Cosette will go for my food, even if what I have is exactly the same as what she has.

I enjoyed mine very much, I pushed it all around the plate and the floor trying to figure out the fastest way to eat it.

Cosette was a little bit more cautious with hers.

We also took lots of naps this weekend. Here Cosette is sleeping on the desk while Mommy plays on the computer.

She is a real brat. I cannot imagine that I ever behaved like this in my younger days.

Cosette also had to spend some time this weekend studying up on her training. She is four months old now, so it's about time she start displaying the discipline expected of a member of the Pugsworth household.

Overall, I am not optimistic about the likelihood that the stray will ever exude the quiet dignity that seeps from my pores.
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth
and Cosette the Stray


Malissa said...

Holy Cow! That nose kiss picture is so adorable! The Stray must be wearing you down Winston! Glad you both enjoyed the holiday, especially with some yummy frosty paws. Keep up the wonderful posts.

Lex said...

Mmm frosty paws! I need to make those my guys. :)

No she may never show the diginity that you have but maybe you will rub off on her and when she gets older she will attempt some dignity! :)

Nevis said...

Hey, I think we have the same crates! :)

Adorable photos as usual. And Winston, I agree with you. Coss is totally a brat!!!

Clover said...

Hi Winston!
How sneaky of Cosette to go for that kiss! It does make a pretty cute picture!!
Sounds like you had a great weekend - heres to more playing ball and eating more frosty paws!
Love Clover xo

Kay Schuckhart said...

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I'll be back to check in on the adventures of Winston and Coss soon! So cute!


Kay Schuckhart

Anonymous said...

wow cossett knows how to read and also cute rug

giggsdiggs said...

We're finding that little sisters are in fact very greedy in the food department. Mea has dove into Giggs' food several times. He gets her back by stealing her cookies though.