Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yet Another Boo-boo

As you know, the life of a pug is a hard life. I have been beset by yet another unfortunate incident. This one was not too serious ... I broke my nail. However, the break was extremely high on the quick so it was necessary for the vet to remove the dangling portion. The upside (in my parent's view) was that I had to wear a soft cone.

This is me, looking thrilled as always at wearing the cone.

This is Cosette, taking advantage of my distressed state to harass me.


It's hard to see who looks more pathetic here, me or the stray. Cosette also has a hard life, there was this time three months ago when no one was paying attention to her. That moment has scarred her permanently.

The little comfort I receive comes from my "guy" (the red squeak toy). As you can see, it is Cosette's mission in life to take away the little happiness I have.

I was eventually able to escape to safety with my guy, but it was a close call.

This is the original cone picture from when I was a little lass. Notice my figure was less rotund?
Snarf you later,
/s/ Winston, the Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Monday, April 19, 2010

Memory Monday
I decided to copy an idea that I have seen on several other pugs' blogs and post some memory pictures every Monday. To start off, I chose to reminisce about my love of shoes. I do still love shoes today, but my love of shoes and my chewing up of shoes has subsided somewhat in my old age. Cosette, on the other paw, still has not grown out of her undignified habit of stealing and chewing on shoes.

Here I am with Daddy's sandal. This is the first of several pairs of sandals he has had to buy since I came along.
Here I am napping surrounded by all of our shoes. Those blue and white ones in the back were supposed to be mine, but I never stood for actually wearing them. I love shoes, but not when they are on my feet. Also note that there is only one sandal in this picture. I probably stole the other one and hid it somewhere before I took this nap.

Here I am taking one of my shoes to my snuggle nest to chew on it.

And, here I am with daddy's sneaker.

Here I am today with Daddy's sneaker just so you can see how I have bulked up into a total stud-pug!!
Snarf everydog later,
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Friday, April 16, 2010

I See YOU!!!
Dear old friends, I am sorry that I have been quite derelict in my blogging for about the past year; but rest assurred that it was alll the Stray's fault. She quite viciously, and without purpose destroyed the power source on Mommy's computer (all my wanton destruction is with clear purpose, primarily to annoy Daddy), and then was such a pain demanding to be walked and pampered that my Parents were unable to help me post (see previous mention of my lacking fingers to effectively type). Well, it appears that I may be able to resume posting on a more regular basis. I also hope to resume my quest for world domination, although I have become disallusioned by inability to conquer even a wussy region, such as France or Rhode Island, so I may not give this quest the same attention I did in the past. Plus, I cannot even effectively run my own household since the nuerotic Stray arrived.

I SEE YOU!!! I know that some of you have continued lurking over the past year, and your loyalty has been duly noted. This is a throwback to what my parents refer to as my "cute days." I still believe myself to be utterly adorable.

As everyone is aware, geography necessitates regular exposure to my Grandparents and their brood. That is Mr. Bones several weeks ago. He is so named because he was an emaciated stray (literally) when my Grandparents adopted him, right around the same time that my Parents had me (I am not adopted!!! Although the House of Pugsworth does have a long history of supporting numerous adoptions programs for Stray Pugs, Dogs and Children and would encourage all to do the same).

This is Mr. Bones following his "prepare for the Texas summer shaving." You may not believe it, but his butt-scent indicates that it is, in fact, the same dog.

He enjoys rolling around in the manner of a mindless lesser dog.

And he rolls, and rolls, and rolls, and rolls, and rolls.... Seriously, this goes on for hours. It stops being funny after a while, then it starts getting funny after while again, and then it just gets sad.

This is the Stray putting her entire head in the water in search of a sinking twig. This occurs while there are literally thousands of twigs in the yard (non-submerged) that she could have easier access to. She may grown, but her brain did not.

My parents say that her cute little face is the only reason they don't beat her. I don't think it is cute at all and their unecessary restraint is starting to wear on me. [Parents' note: we do say that, but the statement is normally preceded by some of her unnecessary, and occaisonally dangerous, destruction. Like when she destroyed the power-source of her Mommy's computer. We would never actually beat her, unfortunately.]

I always like to end these posts with a picture of dignity. So, a toast to the thirty plus pounds of pug dignity that I now personify.
Snarf Everydog later,
/s/Winston, the Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Swimming pool!

Cosette loves her new swimming pool!!

This is her first encounter with the pool. After this, she got more and more brave, and after a few minutes was jumping in and out like crazy!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Playing outside with sticks

Hello everydog! Cosette here!!

My brother Winston probably told you that we have moved to a new place, but he probably left out all the pawsome things that we get to do here, since he is boring and does not always appreciate the finer things in life. Like sticks. And other dogs.

First, I want to give you all a proper introduction to my new pack-mate, Mr. Bones. This is a picture from when my parents first met Mr. Bones, when he was probably around 6 months old, right after my grandparents found him wandering around on the street and brought him home. You can probably see better from this picture where his name comes from.

Here he is today, almost four years later.

He has grown into a very happy, healthy puppy who loves to play almost as much as I do!

To further illustrate our size difference, here I am drinking water ...

... and here is Mr. Bones, standing inside the water bucket.

Now, the other thing I totally love about our new place is the abundance of sticks.

I love to run around with sticks ...

... get chased while running around with sticks ...

... fight Winston for sticks ...

... and play tug-o-war with sticks.

Even Winston loves playing stick tug-o-war!

Although, Winston mostly just likes to stand around under Mommy's legs when we are oustide. Like I said before, he is pretty boring.

After I get done playing all those fun games with my sticks, I also enjoy laying in the sun with my sticks and getting in several pug-naps. So far we are having a pretty fun time here. I have even heard rumors of a swimming pool in my future. I will try to make sure Winston keeps reporting on all of our great activities!
Here's lookin' at you with two eyes,
/s/ Cosette Colbert d'Bonapug

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Toy

I am so excited to see that some of my loyal readers are still out there!! Now I can tell all of you about a great new toy that I found yesterday.

This is the toy. I found it sitting on the kitchen floor, and no one else was around to play with it!

After barking at the new toy and walking around it several times, I decided it was safe to play with. Just my luck, the stray came over and decided she also wanted to play with the toy.

I watched as she stole it right out from under me!

I was finally able to grab it, and I had to find a hiding place. I thought under the table would work perfectly...

... but Cosette followed me under.

So I went to hide it between Mommy's feet ... but, she took it away!!! Traitor!! She just kept saying something about "juice everywhere" and "ants catching on fire" [Parents' Note: fire ants, another joy of living in Texas].

Snarf everydog later,

/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wow it's been a looooooong time!!!

Well, I probably don't have any more loyal readers, since it has been almost A YEAR since my last post. My parents (aka "they-who-have-opposable-thumbs-with-which-to-type-my-blog-for-me") have a million excuses for their laziness - including moving a few times, Cosette eating the power cord on Mommy's laptop and us losing access to all our pictures, and their discovery of Facebook (TM), where they can post pictures of us from their phones - but I for one am not impressed. But, now that my Mommy has some extra time on her hands, and has caught up with all the guilty pleasure TV shows she may have missed over the past few years, she figured why not start posting again.

Most recently, we moved to a far away place called Texas, where it is really hot but doesn't rain nearly as much.

In Texas, we have been hanging out with these people (called "grandma and grandpa") who have a big back yard and two big dogs. Cosette is loving it. The big dogs have become her new pack. She loves to lounge in the shade with her new pack leader, Roxy.

She also loves to run around and play chase with the other big dog, named Mr. Bones.

I don't think she realizes how small she is.

Besides playing with the big dogs, she LOVES to chew on, chase, and play with sticks.

I don't hate the big yard. But I mostly enjoy hanging out with my parents inside without having the Stray around :)

And here is one of my favorite pictures from the past year - I always enjoy seeing my parents torture my sister!
Hopefully there is someone out there who will still read this, and hopefully my lazy parents will keep helping me post for awhile.
/s/ Winston, Grand Duke of Pugsworth